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Police Blotter 9/9-9/12: No Opossum Dumping Zone; Missing Flower Bouquet

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Thursday, September 12 - Noise Complaint, Hastings Ave

At approximately 11:02 pm a 30 year old male reported a neighbor yelling and whistling in his apartment. Officers responded and spoke to the whistler and advised him of the complaint. The suspect stated he would comply with Borough noise ordinances.

Thursday, September 12 - Unwanted Phone Calls, Edgewood Place

At approximately 7:05 pm an 84 year old female contacted RDP about someone who may have been calling to solicit her information. Officer Fecanin spoke with her and advised her what she reported was likely someone trying to commit a phone scam. He informed her about several scams currently taking place and advised her not to provide any information over the phone to anyone.

Thursday, September 12 - Unwanted Phone Calls, Ridge Road

At approximately 6:58 pm a 44 year old male resident reported he received unwanted text messages. The phone number was unfamiliar but read “Hey asshole. Rutherford’s a small place. I’m gonna find you. Then your wife.” The caller stated he did not have issues with anyone and does not know who this person could be. RPD called the number and a message stated “the text mail subscriber unavailable.” At approximately 9:00 pm, the caller came to RDP with his female friend who stated she believed she knew the individual and that he is a 63 year old man residing in Brooklyn. She stated this was their mutual friend with whom they used to attend Mets games until the Brooklyn man began to act differently. Both asked RPD to contact the individual asking him to cease and desist all communication.

Wednesday, September 11 - Nose Complaint, Washington Ave

At approximately 11:08 pm a 52 year old male from Rutherford reported a house party and parking violations in his neighborhood. Officers spoke to the occupant of the house and advised them of the complaints. No noise violations were observed upon RPD’s arrival.

Wednesday, September 11 - Suspicious Incident, Riverside Ave

At approximately 10:58 pm a 36 year old female reported 2 individuals having intercourse inside a 2005 white 4 door Toyota Camry. The vehicle was operated by a 24 year old female from North Bergen. Officers identified the people inside and stated they were talking. They were advised of the allegation and left voluntarily.

Wednesday, September 11 - Suspicious Vehicle, Grand Ave

A 73 year old male stated there was a 2007 two door Mini Cooper parked behind the Union Bridge apartments with occupants acting suspiciously. Officers located the vehicle and advised the parties of the complaint. The parties left the area.

Wednesday, September 11 - Verbal Dispute, Chestnut Street

At approximately 12:26 am a 41 year old male called 911 to report a dispute taking place but hung up. Officers were dispatched as is usual for a 911 hang up. The RPD has responded to this residence over 50 times in the last 3 years to deal with the residents. The caller stated it was a misunderstanding over a phone call received, but did not want to discuss what the call was about. The person with whom he was arguing was intoxicated and according to the caller blew things out of proportion and started yelling. Things calmed down and parties agreed to go to bed for the night. No complaints were signed.

Tuesday, September 10 - Theft, Clark Court

A 30 year old Clark Court resident reported that somebody stole a bouquet of flowers from his residence. He stated he had received a phone call from a friend stating that the bouquet had been delivered at 8:30 pm, but when the man returned to his residence at 9:15 pm they were gone. The front screen door was propped open making it appear as if the package was there but when got closer he noticed they were gone. The bouquet was valued at $80.

Tuesday, September 10 - Noise Complaint, Darwin Ave

A 61 year old female reported neighbors playing loud music at approximately 1:15 am. Officers were dispatched and spoke with both parties. The neighbors agreed they would turn the music off. The complainant was satisfied.

Monday, September 9 - Noise Complaint, Union Ave

At approximately 9:45 pm a caller reported a noise complaint at Carmita and Union Ave. The caller reported a small group of individuals loitering outside her apartment window. Officers were dispatched and the parties advised they were working in the building and taking a break and enjoying the fresh air. The parties agreed to go inside quietly.

Monday, September 9 - Suspicious Incident, Riverside Ave

A caller reported seeing a green truck with a crate on its hood containing what she believed to be an opossum near Tryon Field. The party believed the person was going to release the opossum near the river. The suspect was gone upon RPD’s arrival.

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