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Police Blotter-7/1-7/14: This Drive-Thru Has Been Closed For 30 Min & No One Is Taking Your Order

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Sunday, July 14 - Verbal Dispute, Extended Stay America

A complainant reported that individuals staying in a room at Extended Stay America were screaming and yelling and would not answer the front desk’s phone calls. Officers dispatched reported a verbal dispute between a 37 year old Lyndhurst woman and her 40 year old boyfriend, also from Lyndhurst. The dispute was settled.

Saturday, July 13 - Simple Assault, Crane Ave

A 22 year old male from Lyndhurst attended a party at a residence on Crane Ave with a 21 year old Rutherford female. A 20 year old male party guest from East Rutherford pushed the female into the pool. The gentleman from Lyndhurst was not happy and he waited until they were alone to confront him. The males got into an argument and the East Rutherford man punched the Lyndhurst man in the face and continued to punch him while he was on the ground. The victim stated after he left, he received phone calls stating, “This is not over. Get your friends and we will finish this.” The 21 year old Rutherford woman confirmed the incident and stated she is also now receiving threatening phone calls stating “I’m going to get my sister to beat you up.” She also states she was receiving calls from the homeowner threatening bodily harm. Officers attempted to speak to the East Rutherford man, but were met by his parents who advised RPD they would be contacted later and would speak only after retaining a lawyer. Other people who were at the party were interviewed. No one contacted the police at the time of the incident. It's been suggested that all parties block each others’ phone numbers for the time being. The victim arrived at the party around 11:00 pm on July 12th and he was assaulted at approximately 1:45 am on the 13th.

Saturday, July 13 - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave

A ground level window was found broken at a residence on the 200 block of Park Ave. at approximately 7:02 am. Officer Lindov observed a shattered bottom panel of a window on the ground level of the south side of a Park Ave building. The approximate value of the window is $293. RPD is attempting to obtain video surveillance from the area. The suspect is believed to be a Rutherford resident.

Saturday, July 13 - DWI, Rutherford Ave

At approximately 5:04 am a man driving a 2016 gray jeep was observed possibly asleep at the stop light on Rutherford Ave. Officer Merli conducted field sobriety tests and the 28 year old male from Rutherford was placed under arrest. He refused to submit a breath sample and was issued motor vehicle summonses for DWI, refusal to submit to breath test, and a summons for consent of taking breath samples of the accused. He was released to a responsible adult who signed John’s law.

Friday, July 12 - Suspicious Person, Orient Way

At approximately 5:03 pm, a 45 year old female from Rutherford reported a white or hispanic male hitchhiking. RPD contacted the party who was negative for warrants but advised him to stay out of roadway.

Friday, July 12 - Suspicious Person, Morse Ave

At approximately 8:43 am, a 47 year old male residing on Morse Ave walked outside his residence and noticed a party parked in front of his house in an older black sedan. His wife, still home, believes she saw a male walk onto their property. The man reviewed surveillance footage which he shared with RPD. They observed a male party walk into the rear of their residence via the driveway. On the video, the unknown man looks back at residence and manipulates his cell phone before getting into his car. He is described as a white male in his 30s, with black or brown receding hairline, black t-shirt, red shorts and brown or black sandals and black backpack. The camera angles captured his every movement. At no time did he attempt to enter the residence. The complainant wished to document the incident. He was advised if he plans on vacationing he should notify RPD and add his home to the vacant homes list for checking.

Thursday, July 11 - Theft, Orient Way

A 63 year old female responded to RPD to report $2,299 had been removed from her bank account via Venmo. She stated that on July 11th, she noticed a large amount of money missing from her bank account. She stated her Valley Bank account was linked to Venmo, resulting in the direct withdrawal. The transaction took place at 7:07 am on July 11th to an individual she states she does not know and did not authorize. She believes the account was hacked and had it frozen. She Googled the name of the individual and was able to match the photo on the Venmo profile to Google images. That person is located in Utah. She’s working closely with Valley Bank and Venmo and will follow up with RPD .

Thursday, July 11 - Illegal Dumping, Walnut Street

A caller reported an unknown party had dumped garbage in his can overnight while his can was in the street and requested that an officer respond. Officer Callan responded but no one was home. He contacted the caller who responded that the incident being documented was good enough for him.

Wednesday, July 10 - Property Damage, Hobart Ave

A 25 year old female called to report a portion of her bathroom ceiling had fallen down. Officers dispatched noted a portion of her ceiling collapsed and fell into the toilet. The caller reported that the landlord laughed at her complaints and therefore she called RPD. Officers contacted the landlord and were advised that the landlord and plumber would be going there immediately.

Tuesday, July 9 - Animal Complaint, Jackson Ave

At approximately 4:30 pm, SLEO Kiernan removed a turtle from the street on Jackson Ave. near West Passaic and placed it in a safe location.

Tuesday, July 9 - Fraud, Springfield Ave

Lifelock notified a resident that an account had been opened in her name from Spectrum Utilities in California resulting in an outstanding bill of $703. The resident wanted to document the fraud with RPD.

Tuesday, July 9 - Fraud, Montross Ave

A 50 year old female Felician University employee reported fraudulent activity on the University’s Home Depot credit card. An unknown party had fraudulently used the card at multiple Home Depots in the month of June, making purchases totaling $43,236.16.

Some surveillance footage was provided by Home Depot and RPD is following up with Home Depot Northern Division to obtain additional surveillance footage.

Monday, July 8 - Theft, Washington Ave

A 32 year old male reported his iPhone XS black was stolen while he was playing in the field with his child approximately 2 hours prior to him calling RDP at 9:55 pm. While playing in the field, he observed 2 hispanic males in their early twenties in the vicinity of his phone, which he left on a bench while he was playing with his child around 8:00 pm. When he returned, the phone was no longer on the bench and the males were gone. The Find My iPhone app was unsuccessful in tracing it.

Monday, July 8 - Civil Dispute, Orient Way

A 51 year old male reported a dispute with his 41 year old landlord. He stated he couldn’t access his apartment in which he had rented a room. He stated he rented the room on June 1st. He recently had been away for a few days and when he returned home he was locked out of the apartment and found some of his belongings placed outside the front door. He stated he had already paid $500 for July and that the exterior door had never been locked before, but he couldn’t provide a lease agreement. He just wanted his money back since he wasn’t able to make entry. RPD contacted the landlord who stated it was just a miscommunication because he thought the man was moving out.

Monday, July 8 - Suspicious Person, Train Station

A caller reported a black or hispanic male was causing a disturbance at approximately 7:45 am at the train station. Officers responded and a computer check revealed the man had an outstanding warrant from Passaic. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Passaic Police Department.

Sunday, July 7 - Aid & Assist, Darwin Ave

At approximately 11:20 pm, an 80 year female contacted RPD to report her 84 year old husband had slipped and fallen and she needed assistance to lift him. He was not injured, but she simply needed help moving him. Officers Ahearn and Sgt. Capoano were able to help without incident.

Sunday, July 7 - Narcan Administered, Union Ave

A 23 year old female was administered 2 doses of Narcan at approximately 1:47 pm.

Sunday, July 7 - Suspicious Vehicle, Edgewood Place

A 48 year old male called to report a person occupying a vehicle parked near his home. He reported it was occupied by one black male and was the same vehicle the caller complained about months ago. Officers dispatched spoke to the driver, who is a 32 year old man from Hackensack and works as a local home health aide, who was on his cell phone when they arrived. The driver stated he parked there purposely because he knows that the caller has called on him previously and he wanted to agitate him.

Saturday, July 6 - Suspicious Incident, Sylvan Street

At approximately 5:20 pm a 30 year old male called to report that when he went to the ATM machine at the Wells Fargo bank, and there was a “black dude” in front of him and when he left the ATM, the machine was no longer working. He witnessed the man get into a white vehicle and sit on Park Ave. Officers checked the ATM, which appeared to be in fine working order.

Saturday, July 6 - Animal Complaint, Vreeland Ave

A party walked into RPD headquarters with a dog they found at Vreeland and Montross Avenues with no collar or tags and no microchip. RPD used social media and within 40 minutes its owner arrived.

Friday, July 5 - Animal Complaint, Clark Ave

A 55 year old male called to report a loose dog on his property that had no collar or tag. Officers spoke to him and the caller stated that the dog did not belong to him or his tenant. The dog was brought to headquarters and scanned for a microchip. Just after scanning the dog, the original caller called back to say the dog was indeed his tenant’s daughter’s dog who was visiting. RDP brought the dog back to the caller’s house.

Fireworks Complaints

On or around July 4th, RPD received 8 calls about fireworks:

4 were unfounded when RPD arrived, in 2 cases the suspects denied setting them off and in 2 cases the fireworks in question were deemed not illegal in NJ.

Thursday, July 4 - Noise Complaint, Eastern Way

A 57 year old male who called RPD to report his 73 year old neighbor was playing his music too loud at approximately 11:40 pm. Dispatched officers reported no loud music or loud noise anywhere on the block. The caller admitted that the music had been lowered prior to response.

Thursday, July 4 - General Complaint, Rt. 17

At approximately 2:21 am, the manager of Wendy’s called RPD to report a woman sitting in her car at the drive-thru menu board for an extended period of time. Officer Calienni spoke to a 24 year old female driver who said she was waiting to place an order. She was informed that the restaurant was closed and had been for some time. The woman left without incident.

Wednesday, July 3 - Suspicious Incident, Santiago Ave

A 57 year old female observed unknown people walking on the property she owns at approximately 9:20 pm. The property is vacant and has a for sale sign in front. Nothing in the home was damaged or displaced but she did observe the people look in an empty shed. Officers advised it is most likely people interested in the property or even one of the people who made an offer on the home, but to notify RPD if she sees them again.

Wednesday, July 3 - Verbal Dispute, Orient Way

At approximately 8:45 pm, a caller reported a 55 year old male and and a 60 year old female yelling at each other on the street. Officers located the 2 individuals and were able to determine they were upset, but calm. The two were unable to make their marriage counseling appointment and a dispute ensued. The dispute is settled for now and the parties left together.

Wednesday, July 3 - Fraud, Union Ave

A 34 year old male caller stated his Aunt, who resides in Texas, leased a car at a dealership in Texas and used his information to co-sign her lease without his permission. When he later went to get a house loan he was advised he had an outstanding debt for $28,666 dating to 2013. He just wanted this on record and not to file a complaint.

Tuesday, July 2 - Narcan Administered, Union Ave

At approximately 1:30 pm, RPD Officers were dispatched to a residence where they deployed 2 doses of Narcan to a 23 year old female.

Tuesday, July 2 - Animal Complaint, Home Ave

At approximately 10:51 am, a caller reported a dog barking for 30 minutes. Officer Merlo responded and spoke to the homeowner who reported they do not have a dog.

Monday, July 1 - Suspicious Incident, West Newell Ave

A 30 year old female reported 2 suspicious males walking up to homes that did not have vehicles in their driveway. She provided a description of each male. A detective located the parties and reported they were solicitors from Momentum Home in South Plainfield and informed them that they were violating a borough ordinance as they did not have permits. They left without incident.

Monday, July 1 - Verbal Dispute, Vanderburgh Ave

A 70 year old male resident got into a verbal dispute with his long time cleaning woman, a 38 year old East Rutherford resident. The woman noted that this behavior was out of character for the man, who was otherwise alone, and appeared to have an altered mental status so she notified RPD. It was deemed that the man was in need of medical attention and EMS was dispatched.

Monday, July 1 - General Complaint, Katie’s Corner

While on routine patrol at approximately 2:00 pm, Sgt. Davalo was flagged down by a person at the Katie’s Corner park and was notified of 2 concerns that needed attention: a lack of mulch chips in the playground and a presence of a large cement base in the center of the playground. Sgt. Davalo noted neither were of imminent threat and reported the findings to DPW.

Monday, July 1 - Odor Complaint, Home Ave

A 40 year old resident passing through Home Ave reported a smell of natural gas in the area. Officers dispatched confirmed the smell and reported it to PSE&G who reported a small reading of natural gas in the area. They began a search for the source to repair it.

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