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Police Blotter 2/3-2/9: 9 Cars In 1 Night; Train Station Rap Battle

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Car Burglaries, February 8-9 - North West Side of Rutherford

9 cars were burglarized on the following streets: Wingra, Insley, Hobart, and Darwin. The cars were unlocked and approximately $300 in cash was taken in total.

Sunday, February 9 - Burglary, Darwin Ave

At approximately 1:22 am a caller reported observing multiple males commit multiple car burglaries in the area of Darwin and Union Aves. The caller stated these individuals were hiding in a neighbor’s yard. Officers located 3 people: an 18-year-old and two juveniles from

Passaic, Garfield, and Pine Brook respectively.

Sunday, February 9 - Fraud, Carmita Ave

A 48-year-old male victim reported being a victim of a scam via a person claiming to be selling a piano in Pennsylvania. The resident first saw the piano listed on Craigslist on January 14 as free and the buyer only had to pay $500 for shipping. The resident was contacted by a person named William who provided the phone number of the shipping company for payment. After payment was made via Zelle, a confirmation text was sent to the resident with an invoice from Barclay Transportation in Monroe, PA. A few days later the same person contacted the resident stating another $300 was needed for special wrapping. The resident did not feel comfortable and went to the address in Monroe which was a legitimate business but the manager there advised the resident “William” was using his company as a front for his scam.

Saturday, February 8 - Dispute, Chestnut St

At approximately 11:46 pm a caller reported a dispute between a 41-year-old male and 59-year-old female. The parties were arguing over alcohol consumption during the evening. The parties stated they’d go to sleep for the evening and no further assistance was needed.

Friday, February 7 - Suspicious Incident, Rt. 17 N

An employee reported that her company had received a harassing email, addressed to several other employees from the address None of the employees were familiar with the name. The email contained a poem entitled “Field of Skulls”. The caller was unsure what the object of the email was since one week prior the company’s computers had also been hacked. RPD contacted the email address and received the response “Hello, I’m sorry for bothering you. I’m just hoping to improve peoples’ lives with it.”

Thursday, February 6 - Defiant Trespassing, Train Station

While on patrol at approximately 9:30 pm, Sgt. Capoano located a man inside the train station. The 42-year-old homeless male had been given multiple warnings for trespassing after hours in the past. The borough maintains the building through an agreement with NJ Transit and hours posted on the door. The man declined any housing assistance and was issued a special summons complaint for defiant trespass. He left the building.

Thursday, February 6 - Dispute, Elizabeth St

At approximately 4:01 pm a 60-year-old female reported a verbal dispute over the lack of emotional support from her boyfriend. Upon RPD arrival one party agreed to leave the area.

Wednesday, February 5 - Suspicious Incident, Riverside Terrace

At approximately 7:43 pm a 41-year-old female reported an individual aggressively knocking on her door for the second time in a row. Officers dispatched and reported a person trying to serve court papers to the resident. The resident said she did not wish to speak to the server at this time and she’d contact their office in the morning. The papers were left affixed to the door.

Tuesday, February 4 - Suspicious Person, Train Station

At approximately 6:25 pm a resident reported a suspicious male with all his belongings hanging around the train station. RPD located the man who is known as a 42-year-old homeless man. The man said he was waiting for a bus and would leave.

Tuesday, February 4 - Burglary, Clark Court

At approximately 6:57 pm a 56-year-old female reported returning home from work to find her door kicked in, pried open with an unknown tool and a broken door jamb on the floor. $400 was missing from her residence. She believes the incident happened between when she left at 6:30 am and returned at 6:45 pm.

Monday, February 3 - Burglary, Chestnut St

At approximately 4:55 pm a 44-year-old female reported that upon arriving at her apartment she observed it had been burglarized and forced entry made with an unknown tool. Her bedroom had been ransacked and approximately $3000 in jewelry taken. She believes the incident happened between 8:15 am and 4:45 pm. The building has 2 front doors. The first does not lock but the second is many times left unlocked. No money was stolen, but she did state that a bag with approximately $3000 miscellaneous pieces of silver jewelry were taken. The residence was processed by detectives.

On February 7, while performing a follow-up investigation, Det. Snyder was alerted to another incident in which tool marks were left on the door jamb of a neighboring apartment. The tool marks on both apartments appeared to be similar or the same and determined to be the result of attempted forced entry. The resident stated he recognized the marks 4 days earlier but failed to report it at the time.

Monday, February 3 - Dispute, Riverside Ave

At approximately 11:04 am, a 911 caller reported a dispute between herself and her tenant. The 66-year-old female felt harassed by her 67-year-old male tenant who had been drinking alcohol and interfering with her daily activities. The landlord was advised of her rights and eviction process.

Monday, February 3 - Suspicious Person, Train Station

At approximately 8:52 am, a caller reported a black male wearing an orange hoodie yelling and causing a disturbance at the train station. RPD located the man who claimed he was just having a “rap battle” with another person who had already left.

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