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Police Blotter 11/25-12/8: Steal The Wallet, Leave The Cash?; The Pizza Must Have Been Really Cold

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Sunday, December 8 - Motor Vehicle Crash, Kidspot

At approximately 8:40 am a caller reported damage to the fence and area in and around the Kidspot playground. The damage was enough to cause Kidspot to be closed until further notice. An investigation revealed this was a single motor vehicle accident and the driver was identified.

Saturday, December 7 - Suspicious Incident, Vreeland Ave

A 44 year old female reported that around 3:30 am someone jiggled the handle to her front door while she was sleeping just a few feet away in the living room. She yelled for her husband and went to the door and looked out the window but was unable to see anyone. A back gate which is usually closed and secure was found unlocked and opened. Last month RPD observed and reported her garage door to be opened and the woman is concerned that someone is trying to gain access to her home.

Saturday, December 7 - Aid and Assist, Rutherford Ave

At approximately 10:12 am a complainant reported finding construction barrels that were left behind on his property. Due to the location and types of barrels the report was turned over to the Lyndhurst Police Department.

Thursday, December 5 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

At approximately 7:28 pm a concerned citizen reported a woman sleeping on the bench outside of the Library. RPD spoke with the 18 year old female who is currently homeless. The woman stated she was just trying to rest, refused assistance, and left the area.

Thursday, December 5 - Suspicious Vehicle, East Pierrepont Ave

At approximately 6:28 pm a 39 year old male contacted RPD to report that his daughter had reported to him that she believed a suspicious vehicle had followed her home from Pierrepont School while walking with a friend. She said she observed a white Ford van, possibly driven by a hispanic man, driving parallel to them and when they stopped, the van stopped and when they sped up so did the van. The van left the area when the girls began to run. There was no attempt at communication with the girls.

Thursday, December 5 - Aid and Assist, Grand Ave

At approximately 4:40 pm an 83 year old female reported needing assistance with a water leak in her kitchen. RPD responded and reported her ceiling leaking, possibly from melting snow. RPD contacted her superintendent.

Thursday, December 5 - Theft, Hawthorne St

A 59 year old male reported a package stolen from his steps which was delivered on November 30 but when he returned on December 1st at pm it was gone. A missing property sheet was filled out.

Thursday, December 5 - Fraud, Wood St

A 47 year old female reported a suspicious charge of $121.47 that was not authorized on her Chase Visa. On December 4th she received an email from Chase Bank regarding the charge that had just been processed for United Airlines for a one way flight from Santo Domingo to Newark to take place on December 5 for a person named Wilkon Peralda. The reservation was cancelled by United and the charge was disputed with Chase. However at 3:15 an on December 5 the victim received a text from United detailing flight information with boarding time and gate in Santo Domingo. The victim called back United and was advised that the suspect would not be boarding the flight.

Wednesday, December 4 - Dispute, Extended Stay America

At approximately 11:34 am a front desk employee reported a possible dispute in a room. RPD confirmed a relationship dispute had taken place but was settled upon arrival. A computer check of the male party found outstanding criminal and arrest warrants. He was placed under arrest and transported to RPD. WIth no funds to post bail, he was turned over to Butler Police Department, from which the warrants originated.

Wednesday, December 4 - Aid and Assist, Chestnut St

At approximately 8:25 am a 55 year old female reported she could not find her vehicle which she thought she parked on Home Ave. Officer Walker located her vehicle on Chestnut Street.

Tuesday, December 3 - Aid and Assist, Wood St

At approximately 3:15 pm, Officer Foley observed a young student running past him, west bound on Washington Ave who appeared to have blood on his face. The officer caught up with the boy, who was running home for help after he had been in a snowball fight and spoke to the child’s parents. While the boy had no serious injuries, RPD would like to remind parents to explain to their children that they can go to a police officer when in need of help of any kind.

Tuesday, December 3 - Aid and Assist, Ayer Place

At approximately 4:46 am a 40 year old female reported she recently had her locks changed by a locksmith and now can't get inside her house with a key. The locksmith advised he could not help her at this time so she contacted RPD. She attempted to enter via a window but couldn't and cut her hand. When Officer Arnold responded, the woman had already gained access through a side door.

Monday, December 2 - Suspicious Person, East Pierrepont Ave

At approximately 11:58 pm a 64 year old female reported an individual had been in the rear of her yard for about 10 minutes with a flashlight. She believed it to be a neighbor but due to the late time did not feel safe going outside to check. RPD made contact with a 22 year old male neighbor who was just looking for something he may have dropped on the property line.

Monday, December 2 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

At approximately 12:46 pm a 59 year female reported a man leaning up against a tree and possibly falling asleep. RPD located the individual who stated he works at the Christmas tree stand at Dairy Queen and was on the way to the train to go home when he suddenly became tired.

Sunday, December 1 - Suspicious Incident, Clark Court

At approximately 10:20 am a 60 year old male reported an unknown party removed his laundry from a dryer. The caller stated he paid for the dryer and had time left on it when clothes were removed. The dryer is in a communal area with no security cameras. No further assistance needed at this time.

Sunday, December 1 - Aid and Assist, Wingra Ave

At approximately 6:38 am RPD was notified by Life Alert that a 73 year old male resident had activated his Life Alert button. Officers responded and reported no one was home. A computer search showed the man had recently been transported to a local hospital. Contact was made with the hospital which confirmed the man was there and currently well. A hospital representative stated they knew his Life Alert monitor had been pushed accidentally but it was not believed it was able to work while not in his house.

Saturday, November 30 - Theft, Kip Ave

At approximately 9:17 pm a 61 year old female notified RPD that her town issued garbage can had been stolen. She said she left it at 4pm on November 29 in front of her house and at 10 pm it was missing. A check of the surrounding area did not turn up the can. She didn’t know its serial number. DPW was notified.

Saturday, November 30 - Shoplifting, Jackson Ave

At approximately 4:49 am a 34 year old male from Nutley called 911 to report a man attempting to steal something from the 7/11. An employee reported a person described as an African American male took a bottle of water from a case of water outside. Officers located the suspect and transported him back to the business to return the item and advised him he’s no longer welcome to shop there.

Friday, November 29 - Dispute, Union Ave

At approximately 10:24 pm a Domino’s employee called 911 to report an unknown party was video taping him and when he asked him to stop the party refused. RPD located the party, a 33 year old male resident of Hastings Ave, in question who said he was video taping the employee to make sure he was refunded the full amount he was owed due to being dissatisfied for getting a cold pizza delivered to his residence.

Thursday, November 28 - Narcan Administered, Woodland Ave

At approximately 10:22 pm RPD administered 1 dose of Narcan to a 43 year old female.

Wednesday, November 27 - Noise Complaint, Meadow Road

At approximately 6:12 am a caller reported dogs barking for over 30 minutes. Officers spoke to the dog’s owner who agreed to comply with the noise ordinance and take them inside.

Monday, November 25 - Suspicious Incident, Union Ave

At approximately 6:08 pm a 39 year old female reported a neighbor made a statement to her sons, both under the age of 15 that she deemed alarming. She reported the neighbor offered her children $120 to help out with something in his house where his garbage cans are located. Officers spoke to the 48 year old male who said he offered the boys $20 to carry a futon frame upstairs. RPD observed a futon in the room. The caller was satisfied with the outcome and the man advised not to speak to juveniles without a parent present.

Monday, November 25 - Theft, Walnut St

At approximately 3:51 pm a 58 year old female reported her house guest took $1500 from her purse. The houseguest is only known as a friend from Paterson as she doesn’t know his full name, date of birth or address. The man arrived at approximately 1:00 am and stayed until approximately 3:30 pm. While there, no problems were reported. After he left, the caller checked her purse and realized that $100-$150 in cash was missing. She was left a stolen property list to fill out and when she returned it to RPD on the 26th, the woman had reported the missing cash amount as $1,500.

Monday, November 25 - Burglary, Union Ave

A 32 year old male form Rutherford reported that between November 24 at 10:00 pm and 4:00 am on November 25 someone entered his vehicle which was parked in front of his residence on Union Ave. When he entered the vehicle at 5:00 am he realized his wallet, which had been in the center compartment, was missing along with his Social Security card, driver’s license and debit card. However, $150 in cash that had been in his wallet had been removed and left on his front passenger seat. He believes the person who made entry gained access through a window left slightly open overnight.

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