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Police Blotter 10/7-10/14: Pit bulls do not fit in this Uber; You could hear that from Orient Way?

Monthly RPD Reports can be found here. New: August Activity Report

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Monday, October 14 - Verbal Dispute, Jackson Ave

At approximately 2:38 am a 40 year old male caller reported an incident in which he became involved. Upon entering the 7/11 on Jackson Ave, the clerk there told him about an incident that had just taken place in which an unknown Hispanic man with short black hair in his 20s approached the counter and wanted to buy 5 packs of Blackwoods Honey cigars. She requested ID, which the man retrieved from his car. He made the purchase without incident, but then began to yell obscenities as he left. He claimed he had just gotten out of prison, she believed in an attempt to scare her. The caller stated the clerk told him to call RPD, but at the same time he observed another vehicle flee the area, which he thought suspicious. Instead of immediately notifying the RPD, the caller got in his car and followed the vehicle onto Rt 3 East and then called RPD. He was advised to stop following the car and report back to 7/11. Sgt. Capoano arrived at 7/11 where he observed the clerk conducting normal business. The clerk also explained the incident to Sgt. Capoano but the initial suspect was gone upon arrival.

Sunday, October 13 - Suspicious Incident, Clark Ave

At approximately 5:27 pm an anonymous walk-in complainant reported a semi-offensive inflatable decoration on a property with an apparent black plastic bag covering its head. Officers spoke to the homeowner who stated the lawn decoration was meant to depict a plague doctor from the late 1800s. The homeowner agreed to voluntarily remove the decoration.

Sunday, October 13 - Property Recovered, Rutherford Avenue

At approximately 3:57 am, Officer Donovan heard a vehicle horn sounding while in the area of Rutherford Ave. He located an abandoned 2017 red Peterbilt tractor truck, without an attached trailer, in the intersection of Park and Rutherford Ave with the keys still in the ignition and its horn sounding. Officer Ahearn checked the area for individuals on foot with negative results. The tractor truck was registered to a company in Nutley and after contacting the owner RPD learned it should have been parked at a yard on Mill Street in Belleville. The owner stated no drivers would have taken the vehicle and it must have been stolen, but had not been reported stolen as he was not aware it was gone until RPD found it. Belleville PD was made aware and the owner responded to the scene to take custody. He was notified he had to respond to Belleville PD to file a complaint.

Saturday, October 12 - Verbal Dispute, Park Ave

At approximately 6:54 pm a 46 year old male called 911 to report a possible robbery at a restaurant. Officer Batchelor spoke directly to a restaurant employee who stated everything was okay, but due to a language barrier, one of the employees thought they were being robbed. In actuality a verbal dispute between a possibly intoxicated boyfriend and girlfriend was overheard, in which the boyfriend yelled “give me the keys” as he walked into the premises.

Saturday, October 12 - Verbal Dispute, Extended Stay America

At approximately 1:01 pm a 36 year old female from Jersey City reported her Uber driver was refusing her ride. She said she put all her luggage into the Uber and then attempted to get into the vehicle, but the driver would not allow it. The driver wanted to be paid for responding even though he refused the ride. Upon arrival, RPD learned the driver canceled the ride on scene due to the amount of luggage which took up entire trunk, front and rear passenger seat, leaving only the rear passenger seat for the customer and 3 pit bulls. The driver did not feel safe transporting all that in a confined space with 3 large dogs. The customer agreed to cancel the ride and contact another.

Saturday, October 12 - Criminal Mischief, Woodland Ave

A 58 year old male caller reported that between 1:00 am on October 9 and 1:00 pm on October 9, his 2010 Audi black had 2 flat tires on the front and back passenger side and had puncture marks. He was able to observe on home security that at 5:45 am a suspicious vehicle stopped for a few minutes and drove away. At 6:03 am the video shows an unknown party walk past his house, disappear and reappear a few minutes later. The tires have since been replaced, but the caller has no knowledge of a problem with anyone.

Saturday, October 12 - Suspicious Vehicle, Riverside Ave

At approximately 9:53 am a caller reported he was at work when his wife called and told him about a suspicious blue vehicle parked across from their house for the last 2 hours. Officers spoke to the driver who was from East Orange and stated she was just waiting there for her son who was on the crew team.

Saturday, October 12 - Intoxicated Person, Train Station

A 52 year old male from Rutherford dialed 911 and stated he was intoxicated and he needed to be transported to a hospital under the alcohol rehabilitation treatment act, his 3rd request since August. RPD transported the man to the nearest hospital.

Saturday, October 12 - Noise Complaint, Orient Way

At approximately 12:42 am, multiple calls complaining of loud music came into the RDP. Officer Batchelor followed the sound of the music all the way to Met Life Stadium. Upon inspection, there was no official event taking place at the stadium, but multiple vehicles parked in Parking Lot J. The individual that was identified as responsible for the noise was a 22 year old male from Paterson, operating a 2003 Honda 4 door Accord. The State police responded as it’s their property.

Thursday, October 10 - Verbal Dispute, Kip Ave

At approximately 6:41 pm a 69 year old female resident of Kip Manor reported having a verbal dispute with another 69 year old female resident, claiming the accused threatened to “beat her up.” Officers were dispatched and spoke to both parties and advised them to not interact or make threatening statements with one another. Neither party wished to sign complaints.

Thursday, October 10 - Theft, Addison Ave

A 53 year old man reported that between 2:53 pm and 3:48 pm on October 10 a party made access to his apartment building on Addison Ave and took packages that were delivered from the main lobby that included clothing valued at $122.97. The unknown party had opened the package and took the contents, leaving the box behind.

Wednesday, October 9 - Hazardous Condition, Feronia Way

PSEG received a call from a 68 year old homeowner advising them they had a “runaway boiler” (when an overheated unit reaches an exceedingly high temperature and won’t shut off). This is considered potentially dangerous to first responders and occupants. RPD and RFD were dispatched to the location and the scene was made safe pending arrival of PSEG.

Wednesday, October 9 - Verbal Dispute, Park Ave

At approximately 4:54 pm a caller reported two parties arguing inside the Rutherford Public Library. Upon arrival, Officer Lindov reported the parties, both 66 year old men who reside in Rutherford, had already settled their dispute which was over a newspaper. The parties shook hands and settled the dispute.

Monday, October 7 - Aid and Assist, Orient Way

At approximately 2:57 pm RPD received a report of a tractor trailer disabled or in need of assistance on Orient Way. Officer Merlo was dispatched and reported that the driver was lost and attempting to figure out how to get into East Rutherford without crossing under the train trestle. Officer Merlo guided the driver to a safe route.

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