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Police Blotter 10/30-11/1: Perhaps Apartment Living Isn't For Him; Suspicious Pizza Delivery

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Friday, November 1 - Suspicious Incident, Orient Way

A Blue Foundry Bank employee reported receiving a suspicious comment on one of their Facebook ads on October 24th that said “soon you will feel my pain.” They reached out to the Facebook Help Team and were advised to respond to local police. The individual who wrote it was believed to be a 40 year old man from Webster, NY. RPD requested a welfare check of the man by his local police. The bank employee was satisfied with the results.

Thursday, October 31 - Suspicious Vehicle, Rt 17 North

While on patrol in a Rt 17 parking garage, RPD located a red Honda and inside, in plain view, Officer Callan was able to observe a mason jar with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the cupholder. An 18 year old male from Lyndhurst was placed under arrest for CDS and issued special complaint and released without incident. With him were an 18 year old male from Paramus, an 18 year old male from Lyndhurst and an 18 year old female from Lyndhurst.

Thursday, October 31 - Suspicious Person, Chestnut Street

At approximately 11:40 am, an employee from St. Mary High School reported an individual approached the school stating they were there to deliver pizza, but the individual had no pizza with them. The party was not allowed to enter and returned to their vehicle. RPD located the person in their vehicle who was in fact a delivery person and had 12 pizzas in the car. There was a mix up and the pizza delivery was meant for St. Mary Academy, not St. Mary’s high school.

Wednesday, October 30 - Suspicious Incident, Springfield Ave

At approximately 9:21 pm a 52 year old male caller reported an unknown person struck his windows with eggs and fled in an unknown vehicle. The complainant was unable to provide a description and stated there was no damage and needed no further assistance at the time, but wanted to advise RPD of the incident as it was Mischief Night.

Wednesday, October 30 - DWI, Hastings Ave

At approximately 4:34 a 2001 Jeep was observed failing to stop for a stop sign. Officer Beatini pulled over the 50 year old male driver from Rutherford and detected a strong smell of alcohol on the driver. Field sobriety tests were completed on scene and the driver was placed under arrest for DWI. The man refused to consent to a breath test and was issued summonses for careless driving, DWI, DWI in a school zone and revocation for refusal.

Wednesday, October 30 - Suspicious Person, Wheaton Place

At approximately 8:05 am RPD received a complaint of possible CDS in the area with several adult males milling about. RDP was dispatched reported no one in the area. RPD stayed on scene for a while and observed several males moving construction materials from one vehicle to another.

Tuesday, October 29 - Noise Complaint, Chestnut Street

At approximately 6:39 pm a 66 year old male reported the young child in the apartment above his was constantly playing and making too much noise. Officers spoke to the mother in her apartment and observed a 2-inch thick rubber playmat and area rugs throughout the home. The mother says this is an ongoing issue and the neighbor has complained before. The caller was advised the mother has tried to help the situation by trying to minimize any noise. The caller expressed how having a young child upstairs is a major inconvenience to him and he will take complaints up with management.

Tuesday, October 29 - Suspicious Incident, Woodland Ave

A 51 year old female reported receiving a phone call from an unknown person at approximately 2:00 pm from a blocked phone number. The caller was a male whose voice she did not recognize. The male stated “I’m gonna get your kids and suck them up.” She hung up and immediately responded to headquarters where she advised RPD she has 3 kids, one of whom attends a local school. That child stayed at school until the mother could pick them up. Officer Bachmann contacted her cell provider waiting for updates and the woman was advised to check her kids’ phones.

Tuesday, October 29 - Suspicious Person, Carmita Ave

At approximately 10:11 am a caller reported a black female in her 50s wearing a black jacket with a Caribbean accent who asked where the closest mailbox was and then was observed entering various backyards. RPD located the woman at Union and Beech who turned out to be a home health care worker for a local resident.

Tuesday, October 29 - Noise Complaint, Mountain Way

At approximately 2:13 am a caller reported a car playing loud music. Upon arrival RPD located four 19 year olds sitting in 2009 Mazda playing music loudly. The occupants stated they were unaware of how loud it was and they would shut it off and go back inside the residence.

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