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Police Blotter 10/21-10/28: The cat will come down when it feels like it; Lots of intoxication

Monthly RPD Reports can be found here. New: September Activity Report

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Monday, October 28 - Aid and Assist, Fairview Ave

At approximately 6:50 pm, a 54 year old female resident contacted RPD to report that her indoor cat was stuck in a tree. Officers dispatched reported that although the caller initially thought the cat was hers, it was actually an outdoor cat that belonged to the neighbor. The cat was determined to be in good health and not in distress and would come down on its own.

Monday, October 28 - Aid and Assist, Park Ave

Officer Steinel assisted a resident of Wood-Ridge who was driving down Park Ave with a flat tire by offering an escort to a nearby gas station without incident.

Monday, October 28 - Intoxicated Person, Park Ave

At approximately 1:24 pm employees at a business reported an intoxicated customer. RPD responded and found a 36 year old female Rutherford resident and transported her to a local hospital.

Sunday, October 27 - Intoxicated Person, Riverside Ave

At approximately 10:29 pm a resident reported an intoxicated party walking north on the street wearing Yankees shirt and dark pants. Officers responded and located the individual near the corner of Vanderburgh and West Passaic. The caller had indicated the person may have urinated themselves, which was verified by the officers. The man was brought to his house but no responsible party was home so he was transported to a local hospital.

Sunday, October 27 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

At approximately 6:12 am, a 51 year old male resident reported an unknown male sleeping on his front porch. RPD dispatched and reported a 20 year old male was awake upon arrival. The man stated he was just resting there after a long walk home. He was provided a courtesy ride to his residence without incident.

Saturday, October 26 - Suspicious Incident, Eastern Way

At approximately 11:30 pm, a 50 year old female reported her Uber driver dropped her off and while in the vehicle he asked her what she thought were personal questions. She stated that after being dropped off the driver stayed in front of her home for an extended period of time. The caller provided a license plate and the driver was located at Station Square waiting for his next fare. The complainant was satisfied with the explanation driver provided the RPD.

Saturday, October 26 - Verbal Dispute, Tamblyn Field

Officer Caughey reported that while on duty at the St Mary’s High School football game he was alerted to a dispute between visiting East Rutherford fans and a referee. The referee had left with other referees after the game but RPD spoke to the fan and reminded him of the laws regarding youth sporting events.

Saturday, October 26 - Theft, Meadow Road

A 57 year old male reported his 2016 trailer worth $4000 was stolen. It is described as a silver “all American aluminum 2 axle trailer” that was parked in his driveway. It was last seen at approximately midnight on October 26 and when he woke up it was gone in the morning. It had no license plate.

Saturday, October 26 - Fraud, Darwin Ave

A 39 year old male from Rutherford reported while going through his mail on October 9th, he found a Verizon bill for $107.27. It listed a new account in his name and a charge for a cell phone purchase on September 9. He advised RPD that he does not have a Verizon account and had not made attempts to open a new one. After receiving the bill he contacted Verizon fraud and he was advised to file a police report and Verizon would conduct an investigation. However, they indicated the suspect had gained access to his name, social security number and address in order to complete the transaction. The suspect also attempted to order 2 more iPhones, but was denied after the account was shut down by Verizon. On October 9 the victim received an email from Verizon advising him he was not responsible for any charges and they’d shut down the account. He was provided with a theft prevention package.

Friday, October 25 - Intoxicated Person, Orient Way

At approximately 10:15 pm a 65 year old male contacted RPD to report a highly intoxicated female laying in the roadway and running away from a male party that was with her. Officers located the party and found a 24 year old female from Rutherford and a 23 year old male party from Lyndhurst. Both were intoxicated and the female indicated despite her behavior, she did not want to harm herself and was not running from the male. She contacted a sober friend and officers stayed on scene until all were observed leaving safely.

Friday, October 25 - Suspicious Incident, Stuyvesant Ave

A caller reported two signs were removed from her lawn: one was political and the other related to global warming.

Friday, October 25 - Suspicious Vehicle, East Pierrepont Ave

Officer Scott Ahearn witnessed a 2014 Mazda on the property of Pierrepont School where children usually play. Officer Ahearn investigated and found the owner in the school. He stated he was there fixing the copier which was confirmed by staff.

Friday, October 25 - Fraud, Chestnut St

A 35 year old male noticed a fraudulent transaction made using his Visa. The purchase was made at Kicksclusive in the Garden State Plaza for $850. He immediately contacted Chase fraud department and while speaking to a representative a second fraudulent purchase was made at “sk my own brewery llc” for $16.26. The individual stated that in the past two weeks he received a notification from Chase fraud notifying they deemed him responsible for both transactions. They stated both purchases were made in person using his credit card because the unique “chip system” cannot be replicated and that if a fake card had been utilized, their software would have made notification. The resident stated he is the only one who has that card and it was in his wallet and he was at work in Jersey City at the time. He was advised to make a police report and send to Chase immediately . He was told to monitor his financials and change his passwords on all accounts.

Friday, October 25 - Theft, Grand Ave

At approximately 7:53 am a 41 year old male resident contacted RPD to report a theft of a package from his porch on October 24. The individual ordered several “corn cob pipes” valued at $78.64. He received an alert via email this was delivered at 2:49 pm on October 24. However, upon inspection he was unable to locate the package and contacted the post office. RPD spoke to the Postmaster who stated they were already looking into the incident and discovered it was delivered to the wrong address. The post office attempted to make contact with someone at the residence where it was mistakenly delivered, but was unable. The Postmaster indicated they’d continue to make attempts to make contact and if the resident refused to comply then the complainant should contact RPD as it was a theft. The following Monday morning the complainant reported to RPD that the resident who received them in error delivered it to him over the weekend.

Wednesday, October 23 - Suspicious Incident, Washington Ave

At approximately 7:11 pm a Washington Ave resident called to notify RPD that someone knocked on his door soliciting for solar company. He did not obtain the individual’s information but officers located the party. The party did not have a solicitor’s permit and the RPD advised the party how to apply for one and about the Borough ordinance requiring permit. A check of the individual’s name and company yielded no previous warnings.

Wednesday, October 23 - Suspicious Incident, Walls Field

At approximately 11:53 am a 35 year old female notified RPD that she observed a possible human bone in the sewer grate. Officer Sean Walker was dispatched and determined to be a piece of plastic.

Tuesday, October 22 - Aid and Assist, Tryon Field

At approximately 4:43 pm the Rutherford High School Athletic Director contacted RPD to request a patrol car in area of Tryon Field at a boys soccer game. He reported opposing fans were becoming extremely loud and wanted to prevent outbreaks. Officers stood by without incident.

Tuesday, October 22 - Suspicious Person, Wheaton Place

At approximately 4:40 pm a male party reported that there was someone wearing a red hoody and black pants sitting on the curb for over an hour. Officers reported it was a juvenile waiting for his girlfriend to get out of work. No criminal activity was reported.

Monday, October 21 - Suspicious Incident, Ridge Road

At approximately 6:08 pm a 45 year old resident of Ridge Road reported that a male party responded to his home inquiring about the vacant lot next door. The unknown party left when the resident stated he was calling the police. The complainant provided a NJ registration he thought belonged to the party. Police made contact with the man who stated he was there to serve legal documents to the owner of the vacant lot. However, since there was no residence with a number displayed, he was attempting to verify the location with the occupants in the house next door.

Monday, October 21 - Criminal Mischief, Union Ave

A Union Ave building manager reported a broken window in the lobby of his building. On October 19 at approximately 3:30 am, surveillance cameras captured a hispanic female with dark hair and highlights and dark pants kick in a pane of glass in order to make entrance to building. The current residents of the building do not resemble this woman.

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