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Police Blotter 10/15-10/20: Kilroe Catches Cans; Burglary at Java Square

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Saturday, October 19 - Suspicious Vehicle, Washington Ave

At approximately 1:19 pm a caller reported her daughter, who is a juvenile, told her that while walking their dog on Washington Ave a dark colored SUV with New York license plates appeared to be following her. The vehicle appeared “beat up” and the driver was described as a white male with glasses and dark curly hair, possibly 25-30 years old.

No words were exchanged nor did the driver make any gestures. Officers were dispatched and flooded the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Friday, October 18 - Illegal Dumping, Highland Cross

At approximately 7:02 am a Borough DPW employee notified RPD of possible illegal dumping at one of the dumpsters at the DPW headquarters. Cameras showed a white pick up truck pulling up and throwing two garbage cans into a dumpster. The license plate was registered to a 90 year old man from Lyndhurst. RPD contacted him and he said that he had attempted to dispose of the recycling from his daughter’s house, who is a Rutherford resident. In the process, the garbage cans themselves fell into the dumpster because it was too high and he lost control of the can as he was emptying it.

Thursday, October 17 - Harassment, Grand ave

A 35 year old female responded to RPD to report she’s being harassed by the current fiancé of a man she is currently having relations with. After dating the man for a short time she became aware that he is engaged and has children with his fiancé. She stated that since May, the fiancé texts her and she no longer wants messages from the woman and wants no contact with her. She was advised by RPD to make her Facebook page private, but the woman stated that she cannot because she’s an author and wants to keep all her thoughts and ideas shared with others. RPD made contact to fiancé and left a voicemail to advise her to stop contacting the resident. She has not responded to RPD.

Thursday, October 17 - Identity Theft, Park Ave

CapitalOne Bank accused a 52 year old male from New York of identity theft, forgery and fraud. At 5:15 pm on October 17th the male party entered the bank, walked up to the counter and presented a Pennsylvania driver’s license with photo ID along with a withdrawal ticket with a CapitalOne bank account number for $3,470. A check of the driver’s license revealed it not on file. When the man was asked to confirm some identifying details, he could not do so and repeatedly looked at his cell phone and looked nervous, at which time he got up and left stating “I’ll respond to Chase bank instead.” The CapitalOne bank employee notified Chase in Rutherford because he thought it suspicious and sent out a company wide notification. Shortly thereafter, at 6pm the Nutley branch of CapitalOne reported the same individual in their bank and presented a different out of state ID. He again presented a withdrawal ticket with a different number but requesting to withdraw $3942.79. The Nutley branch contacted Nutley PD who responded and arrested the man after an investigation. RDP was notified due to the fact they sent out the original company message from Rutherford. After being processed in Nutley, RPD responded and transported the man back to RPD headquarters and processed him and issued him a summons for 2 forgery counts and theft of identity.

Thursday, October 17 - Aid and Assist, Highland Cross

A Quality Auto Mall employee contacted RPD to state that a 2002 Ford Explorer had been at their shop since February and its owner has not responded to take possession or make payment. Officer John Ahearn responded to the owner’s residence in Rutherford and made contact with the party who stated he would look into the matter. The business was happy RPD was able to make contact and nothing else was needed at this time.

Thursday, October 17 - Aid and Assist, Clark Ave

At approximately 2:22 pm a Clark Ave resident reported her garbage cans were being blown down the street due to a storm and couldn’t retrieve them because she is disabled and has mobility issues. Special LEO Kilroe was dispatched and was able to catch the cans and put them on the side of her home.

Wednesday, October 16 - Criminal Mischief, Rt 17 South

At approximately 3:11 pm the owner of a box truck parked behind the Korkmaz rug store and reported his vehicle had been vandalized between 10pm on October 15 and 3pm on October 16. The windshield to the box truck had been smashed on the passenger side leaving a large and circular hole, possibly struck by rock. The truck was not burglarized.

Wednesday, October 16 - Suspicious Vehicle, Glen Road

At approximately 1:06 am a caller reported someone sleeping in 2019 Honda Civic. Officers located the female who was eating Wendy’s after work in her car because she did not want to interrupt her sleeping parents.

Tuesday, October 15 - Burglary, Station Square

At approximately 2:30 am the owner of Java Square reported a burglary and theft totaling $750. The front window had been shattered and the business ransacked. Both cash registers were emptied and some money was found on the floor. Details are currently under investigation.

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