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Get Ready for 30 Burgers!

By Tracy Leigh

Coming to Rutherford, 30 Burgers, a gourmet burger joint, is located conveniently at 30 Park Ave. They actually have OVER 30 burgers on their menu and they’re a much anticipated business for our town.

I reached out to Bilal Fayyaz and had the opportunity to chat with him over the phone.

TIR: Welcome to Rutherford! When can we expect your business to be open?

BF: Thank you! We are opening this Friday, December 4th at 11:00 am. We are so excited to be in Rutherford and we were able to open this location so quickly. We look forward to meeting everyone in the community.

TIR: This is your 2nd location for 30 Burgers. The 1st location is in East Brunswick, NJ and another location coming soon to Springfield, NJ. Why did you choose Rutherford as one of your locations?

BF: My partner, Varun and I were looking for a town that had a great downtown area. We were looking for a while and then this location opened up on Park Ave and we knew we had to jump on it. That was only about a month and a half ago and we can’t believe how far we’ve come! We can’t wait to open on December 4th.

TIR: What can customers expect when they come to 30 Burgers?

BF: Our friendly staff made up of young adults from town will be ready to greet them! We guarantee our burgers to be always fresh and never frozen. Each burger is cooked to order and topped off with fresh, delivered daily, bread. We have a variety of food menu items including out of this world wings with different sauces, over 7 hot dog styles, salads, milkshakes, tons of side orders, and even Kati rolls. Kati rolls are a street food dish that is very popular in our East Brunswick location. We can’t wait for everyone to try it here in Rutherford.

TIR: Burgers are a hit not only with adults but with children! What do you have to offer in terms of a kids’ menu?

BF: Yes! Kids love burgers. We actually have 2 menus! One that caters to little kids that includes french fries and a small fountain drink as well as a junior kids’ menu.

TIR: What’s your favorite burger?

BF: Well, I like them all! But, if I had to choose, I would say my favorite is the Six Alarm Burger. The Classic Cheeseburger is always a hit and the Bacon Royal Burger is another crowd pleaser with its fried egg, crisp bacon, American cheese, ketchup & mayo, all on a freshly baked deli bun.

TIR: What else would you like Rutherford to know about 30 Burgers

BF: Don’t be fooled by our name, 30 Burgers. We have something for everyone! We have vegetarian options as well as vegan choices. On our menu, we have hot dogs, wings, french fries, and milkshakes. Our meat is always fresh, and never frozen and our bread is delivered daily every morning. We also have Halal food upon request. We are so excited to be here in Rutherford and we can’t wait for everyone to experience 30 Burgers.

30 Burgers

Opening: Friday, December 4th at 11:00 AM

30 Park Avenue, Rutherford, NJ

Instagram: @30burgersRF

Owners: Bilal Fayyaz and Varun Amin

Phone: (201) 375-6869

30 Burgers is looking to hire staff for their weekday morning shifts.

Contact Bilal at 201-375-6869 with any inquiries.

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