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Event Recap: Seussical Jr. the Musical

By Courtney McManus and Matthew Vaccaro

JoJo (Ariana Tomlinson) and Cat in the Hat (Xavier Hernandez)

"It's Possible"

Pierrepont School’s 6th grade production dared its audiences to “think and wonder and dream” along with them in the world of Seuss. Seussical Jr., narrated by the Cat in the Hat (Xavier Hernandez), is the story of a young girl Jojo (Ariana Tomlinson) who is transported to a strange world powered by her Thinks. Along the way, she meets Horton the Elephant (Nick Scaglione), Mayzie LaBird (Juliet Roa), and many other Seuss characters!. Throughout her adventure, Jojo learns that friendship and loyalty conquers all!

Mayzie (Juliet Roa) and the Bird Girls (Jea Herninko, Tristan Greeley, Sofia Mendez, Kaya Noguchi, Ava Amatucci, and Poppie Bimson)

Horton (Nick Scaglione)

The cast had the pleasure of performing a part of the show for the third graders from Lincoln and Washington Schools when they visited for their Pierrepont orientation.

May 30th was opening night, and the show ran for three total performances. The cast received a standing ovation for their performance, which was full of energy and heart. The creative team is grateful for the support of the Rutherford community and for the opportunity to work with such a talented cast.

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