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Youth Art Banners

Submitted by Katie Pippin

Last summer the Rutherford Arts Council developed a Master Arts Plan for Rutherford. It identifies different types of public art projects that could be adopted by the borough, creating opportunities for members of the community as well as professional artists. The Youth Arts Banner initiative was a phase one idea, meaning it was among the easiest and most cost-effective to execute. While our Master Arts Plan has not been officially adopted by the borough, they have been enthusiastic about the plan and some of the ideas within it.

Youth Arts Month is a national initiative that happens every year in March. The 2021 theme is "Art Connects Us". Last year the Rutherford Arts Council received a proclamation from the borough for YAM.

The banner template was designed by Councilman Matt Cokeley, who is a graphic designer. This template allowed us to speed up the process of formatting the artwork for the banners while also providing some uniformity. I think the banners will look really great on Park Ave!

The banners will go up some time at the end of March and stay up until Memorial Day. Afterward, the families get to keep their banners!

The RAC is so thankful and excited to work with the Borough on this initiative, and we hope that this becomes a yearly opportunity for Rutherford's youth.

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