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Event Recap: Woman's Club 130th Anniversary

Updated: May 23, 2019

Information submitted by Evelyn Spath-Mercado

On Monday, May 13th the Woman’s Club of Rutherford celebrated 130 years of serving the community. The Woman’s Club, an organization based upon principles of service, philanthropy, and friendship was formed in 1889. Since that time, the Woman’s Club members have been actively assisting those in their community, as well as nation and worldwide. Some of their volunteer activities include: bringing Veterans candy and cookies during the holiday season, donating Christmas stockings filled with necessities for our troops overseas, helping the homeless by cooking and serving meals through Family Promise, awarding scholarships to local students, supporting the Food Pantry, Public Library, Kip Center, etc.

Co-Presidents Sue Kevra and Evelyn Spath-Mercado

Pictured with Evelyn Spath-Mercado and Sue Kevra: Helen Yatsko, Trina Poindexter, and Kanta Taylor

Although the members of the Woman’s Club do not expect recognition for their generous efforts, there is an Honor Roll within the Club. The Honor Roll tribute is read at the Convention and a tribute is inscribed in the Honor Roll book which is kept at Headquarters. The following Rutherford members were honored this year: Maria Theresa Gutierrez, Donna Kolich, Nancey McAuley, Vera Piltzecker, Gloria Schneider, Shelia Weil and Stella Zak. There were even some members who were recognized for their long-standing service to the club: Sheila Weil-Past President (60 years), Catrina Poindexter- Past President (55 years), and Gloria Schneider (50 years).

Pictured with Evelyn Spath-Mercado and Sue Kevra: Donna Kolich and Rosemary Kuruc

Kathleen Stopherd, Janice Glock and Carol Lee Smith

Members of the Woman’s Club have been active within the community for many years, not only as Woman’s Club members, but also serving on the Board of Education, Trustees of the Rutherford Free Public Library, Rutherford Recreation Committee, and even on the Boards of the State Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Sue Kevra, Councilman Frank Nunziato, and Evelyn Spath-Mercado

During the 130th Anniversary Celebration, various guests of honor spoke to the members and attendees of the event, including the Palisades District Vice President, Marie Sullivan, and Bill Neumann, local Author. Frank Nunziato (who filled in for Mayor DeSalvo) read the Proclamation and Co-Presidents Evelyn Spath-Mercado and Sue Kevra also presented various awards and honors.

This celebration was especially important to the Woman’s Club after they were able to complete all of the tasks that were necessary to have The Woman’s Club of Rutherford Clubhouse listed on the NJ and National Registers of Historic Places (February 17 and April 10, 2017, respectively).

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