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When Dining Out is Not an Option

By Jennifer Ersalesi

During these challenging times of social distancing and isolation, Rutherford restaurants are doing what they can to make it easier for local residents. Since it is not currently possible to dine-in anywhere, the following restaurants are making it possible to enjoy delicious food from your favorite restaurants at home with either pickup or delivery choices.

Ferrazoli’s Restaurant at 317 Union Ave is providing Curbside and Direct Delivery. They can be reached at (201) 729-0707 or order online (

Steve and Andrea’s Restaurant at 298 Park Ave is posting their daily specials on Facebook. They are doing curbside pick up and direct delivery. (201) 939-7668

Jim Dandy’s Restaurant at 102 Park Ave is offering curbside pick up and contact-free delivery from 4 pm through 8 pm. (201) 896-2224

Matera’s on Park at 72 Park Ave has groceries, such as milk, bread, cold cuts, bottled water, paper towels, pasta, and jarred sauce). They are posting daily specials on Facebook They are doing curbside pick up and delivery. (201) 438-8083

Sonoma Bistro at 59 Park Ave is offering delivery and pick up. (201) 935-7070

Restaurante Azteca is now in a new location (15 Park Ave). They are offering takeouts. The website with the updated menu can be found at (201) 438-2111

Suprema Italian Cafe and Specialty Store at 92 Park Ave has delivery and pick up options available. They will run orders out to cars, as well. Their lunch menu is available from 11 am until 3 pm and their dinner menu from 5 pm until 8 pm. (201) 531-1191

Chris’ Pizzeria at 200 Park Ave is currently delivering orders, but will not be offering pick up. Orders can be placed between 11 am and 8 pm, but to ensure delivery all orders must be placed by 7:30 pm. (201) 933-3315

Mambo Tea House, 98 Park Ave, and Mambo Empanadas and Latin Bistro, 313 Union Ave, have both take out and delivery options. Mambo Tea House (201) 933-1262.

Mambo Empanadas and Latin Bistro (201) 933-3888

The Risotto House, 88 Park Ave, has pickup and delivery for both lunch and dinner.

(201) 438-5344

Volare’s Restaurant, 7 Station Square, has curbside pickup and delivery available from 4 pm until 8 pm. (201) 935-6606

Mama Rosa’s, 332 Union Ave, is offering pick up and delivery options. (201) 939-2342

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