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West Passaic Avenue Pedestrian Walkway Improvements

by Bonnie Corcoran

Photo on left shows the foundation that is about to be embedded in the ground near crosswalks to support the eventual pillar as seen in towns like Nutley on right. Photo Credit: Bonnie Corcoran

As you may have noticed over the past few days there have been concrete pads being installed at the major intersections going up West Passaic Avenue from Montross Avenue to Home Avenue. Those pads are for the new pedestrian yield signs that have a button to press when crossing which will cause the light bar to flash, thus warning the cars that a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. These signs have been seen in Lyndhurst, Montclair and Nutley.

The pictures above are the concrete pad being formed before it was placed into the ground and the second picture is Nutley’s pedestrian yield sign.

Along with the new signs, the ongoing traffic study at West Passaic and Park has come to an end and below is the plan for the new traffic flow and pedestrian crossings that will be installed shortly. The cone configuration that currently sits in the intersection is the outline of how far out the curbing and sidewalks will be permanently built. With the walkway from the Library to the Post Office being a long walk for pedestrians, the new plan has it now broken into 2 sections with a break in the middle at the monument. Both sidewalks/curbs will be extended outward and instead of 3 cars being able to enter onto Park Avenue from West Passaic Avenue, there will be a designated right hand turning lane and a lane to go both straight across to Lincoln Avenue or turns left onto Park Avenue. The monument’s base will be enlarged with the lights being re-installed around the monument.

Dashed lines above show current curbing. Dotted space shows plans for new walkways.

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