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This is Matt Ackermann

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Matt Ackermann

Rutherford High School graduate and proud Rutherfordian, Matt Ackermann, possesses many talents as a professional Chief Content Officer, father, volunteer, coach, and writer. While juggling these many roles, he also found time to publish a book with two co-authors and colleagues entitled Center Stage. This is Rutherford interview Matt to learn more about his career, new book, and love of volunteering in his hometown.

TIR: How long have you lived in Rutherford?

Matt Ackermann: I’ve always been a Rutherfordian! I was born and grew up here! I left for a bit for college and my first apartment, but I never stopped coaching here. My wife Marisa and I returned to live here when we bought our home in 2016. I can’t imagine not being a Rutherfordian. 

TIR: What do you love most about living in Rutherford?

MA: The people and the community hands down. I love always seeing familiar faces. This is and will always be home. 

TIR: Tell us about your career. 

MA: Anywhere I go, I’ve always had the fun job. I was a journalist and in the media from 1997 to 2020. I earned the NJ Press Association Rookie of the Year Award in 1997. I started covering Wealth Management in 2000. In 2013, I started working at InvestmentNews and discovered my passion for multimedia journalism. I hosted a reality show called Practice Makeover and even produced and directed a documentary about impact investing that we shot in Haiti and debuted at the United Nations. During the pandemic, I became Chief Content Officer at Integrated Partners where I get to help independent advisors creatively showcase their businesses. 

TIR: After 25 years working in the industry, you and two co-authors recently published a book, Center Stage, which was written to help guide entrepreneurial financial advisors in taking “center stage”.  What inspired you to write this book?

MA: I have seen a lot of books about practice management and most of them have struggled to keep my attention. In their efforts to be brilliant, they have forgotten to be interesting. My co-author Andree Mohr was heading out on maternity leave and lamenting how she could stay engaged with the business while she cared for twins and I said “I have an idea.” And the book was born. I wanted to make sure it was DICE (different, interesting, compelling, and exciting) and Center Stage was written and published!

TIR: Can you tell us more about how you used rock star advice and lyrics to make important analogies to the tools needed for success?

MA: Honestly, it started with Elton John. I used to drive in the backseat of Chris Large’s Camaro in high school with my other friend, Brian Ersalesi, and we would listen to Elton and Elton is good at being Elton. He shows up at a show and sings amazing music but he doesn’t try to sell popcorn or park the cars. He has amazing people that help with that. 

We all need great people around us so we can focus on our unique abilities like Elton does.

So the idea of storytelling through analogies was born for me. There’s so much we can learn when entertained with stories of Elton and Taylor Swift and the Wu Tang Clan.

Paul Saganey, Andree Mohr, and Matt Ackermann with their brand new book

TIR: Who do you hope this book inspires?

MA: It is funny to me. Initially, I thought it was just for financial advisors but everyone from entrepreneurs to my mother-in-law has told me how much they’ve gotten from the book.  Now I can't wait to write more.

Listen to a podcast interview with Matt Ackermann, Paul Saganey, and Andree Mohr about their new book Center Stage here.

Purchase Matt's book Center Stage on

TIR: Now to learn more about you…in addition to your successful career as Chief Content Officer at Integrated Partners and as an author, you are also an amazing volunteer in your community.  Most recently, you coordinated another successful Porchfest.  Additionally, you have coached for thirty years and have volunteered through many other community organizations and Borough committees.  What do you enjoy the most about volunteering?

MA: I love volunteering. I love playing a tiny role in people’s lives and hopefully inspiring them. It started with coaching when I was 18. There’s nothing like making an impact on the lives of others. Selfishly, I love walking through town and hearing kids (and adults) call me Coach. I don’t look like the traditional Coach because I was never an athlete. But if you keep showing up, you can make a real impact.

Coach Matt Ackermann with this year's 2024 AAA Champions

Helping to run Porchfest has been such a blessing. I have loved this event and doubling it this year was amazing. Seeing how this town becomes a community on Porchfest Day is a tribute to so many great volunteers, homeowners, and bands. I can’t wait for next June! 

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