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This is Cruisin on the Ave

By Jennifer Ersalesi

This summer the Rutherford EMS will be hosting their 5th Cruisin on the Ave event on June 25th from 5 pm to 10 pm. Many people from Rutherford and its surrounding towns enjoy visiting the car show and "dining under the stars" at the local restaurants. This is Rutherford spoke to Mark Ellard and Carmen Addeo, Rutherford EMS members, and Cruisin on the Ave coordinators, about this upcoming event.

Live music at the Bandshell at last year's Cruisin on the Ave

TIR: This is the 5th Annual Cruisin on the Ave event. To what do you attribute the longevity and success of this event?

ME: The fundraising event would not be what it is today without the strong support from the car community and their passion to showcase their vehicles year in and year out. We are very grateful to see familiar faces participate in our event annually, and how they encourage their fellow car enthusiasts to participate. Equally exciting is seeing first-timers participate. This is a testament to the welcoming environment of the Borough. It is not just a car show; it is a unique way for everyone to have a lovely evening on the Avenue--and all for a good cause.

CA: It would not be a show if we didn’t have spectators, and boy does this event draw a crowd! We love interacting with the community--particularly in this non-emergent setting. Many families come downtown to stroll the Avenue, dine at one of their favorite restaurants, and kick-off the summer on a good note.

ME: We cannot overlook the time and commitment that our members put into the show’s planning and execution. In addition to responding to medical emergencies, these members volunteer their time throughout the year to ensure the fundraiser runs seamlessly, while bringing in the valuable revenue it generates. We are always looking to next year and how we can make the show a better experience for everyone!

TIR: What are the benefits to pre-registering a car in the show?

ME: This year, in addition to having an expedited entry into the show via a dedicated “Pre-Registration” lane, we will be distributing a FREE t-shirt to those who pre-register and pay before June 21st.

TIR: What can spectators expect to see when they come to Cruisin on the Ave?

ME: The show does not disappoint with the diversity of cars. You will see cars from many different years, as well as a variety of makes and models. We have your favorite classic American muscle cars, customs, trucks, street rods, antiques, exotic, and even a few foreign cars. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and many of the paintjobs are pieces of art themselves. We also love seeing a couple of the vintage ambulances roll through!

TIR: This event is a fundraiser for the Rutherford Volunteer Ambulance Corps. How are the funds raised used?

CA: The Rutherford Volunteer First-Aid Ambulance Corps. runs exclusively on the generous donations of the community we serve. The funds are used to purchase the necessary life-saving equipment from bandages to ambulances. This enables us to provide our service free of charge as we have since 1949.

TIR: Are the cars judged? If so, by whom?

CA: The cars are evaluated by a team of experienced judges.

TIR: How do businesses on Park Ave get involved in this event?

ME: Restaurants and businesses of Park Ave may participate by contacting the Rutherford Recreation Department. We are excited to extend the show to Lincoln Park where local businesses, whether from Park Ave or elsewhere in town, can showcase their products and services.

TIR: What is your favorite part of this event?

CA: Seeing the line of cars gathered around Lincoln Park waiting for the Avenue to officially close to traffic and for registration to begin is always exciting. It is hard to gauge how many cars will show up on show day, so it is rewarding to know that our event is one people want to attend. It means we are doing something right. That said, it is not just exclusive to the vehicles. Once the Avenue starts to fill with show cars, the restaurants have set up their tables for the evening and the first patrons are seated, we know all the work put into the show thus far has been worth it, and what is to come will be as well. This fundraiser is a significant source of income for our organization and without it it would be more challenging to continue our mission of serving the community. Hearing from the show participants, restaurants and businesses, families who attend how much they are enjoying the event is overly satisfying. Our mission is to serve the people, and we are glad that we can do it in such a fun setting with mutual giving.

TIR: How can people register their cars for this event?

ME: We distribute flyers at local car shows. You can also find our flyer on Additionally, we have a Facebook event with our flyer included on the page! Just search “Rutherford Volunteer First-Aid Ambulance Corps.”

CA: In order to pre-register, we must receive payment with your registration form prior to the show. To receive a free t-shirt on show day, we must receive your payment and registration by June 21.

Please make checks payable to: Rutherford First-Aid Ambulance Corps, Inc.

Rutherford First-Aid Ambulance Corps, Inc.

PO Box 217

Rutherford, NJ 07070

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