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The RSA Dives into October

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Annually, October is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Various organizations find ways to support Breast Cancer awareness and research through fundraising initiatives. The Rutherford Swim Association has organized a fundraiser, “Let’s Dive into October” during which community members can choose to purchase pink sweatshirts and/or pink swim caps with the Rutherford Swim Association logo. This is Rutherford spoke with Mike Lazzara, Co-Founder of the Rutherford Swim Association about this

TIR: The sweatshirts and swim caps that are available for purchase through your website have your logo imprinted on them. Who designed your logo?

Mike Lazzara: Our logo was designed by Rutherford resident Julia Lazzara, owner of Perfectly Invited and Mimosa Digital in Hoboken, New Jersey.

TIR: Who designed the swim caps and t-shirts?

ML: The swim caps were designed by Metro Swim Shop in Stirling, New Jersey. The t-shirts were designed by Rutherford resident Chris Griffin, owner of NX Level Printing Group.

TIR: Why did the RSA choose to raise money for this particular cause?

ML: As an organization, it is important that we give back and contribute to our community and surrounding communities. We decided to raise funds for breast cancer awareness because it is important that research and care continue to improve. There are 1.3 million cases and 458,000 deaths each year due to breast cancer, which is a statistic that cannot be overlooked. Many of our members are women and parents and they are our inspiration to get involved and help raise funds for such an important cause.

TIR: Why do you feel it is important to bring awareness to breast cancer research and help raise money for the hospitals that are doing important research in this field?

ML: Breast Cancer is still one of the leading causes of death in women. It is important to support a cause that can help prevent and lower that statistic. The most important factor of this campaign is that this money may help to save someone's life. So it is really important to continue to support breast cancer research and prevention.

We would like to thank our wonderful community for all the support.

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