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#RutherfordFromMyWindow - Art Show

Submitted by the Rutherford Public Schools

Traditionally, each school in the Rutherford Public Schools holds an art show or an “Evening of the Arts.” In lieu of the building closures, this year the district art teachers have worked together to create The Rutherford Public Schools’ Weekend of the Arts from June 12th-14th!

Students in Grades K-8 are asked to hang one piece (or two or three or 27 pieces!) of their artwork in the windows of their home that face the street. This way, our entire town will become a walkable art gallery!

Students in Grades 8-12 will also have their works displayed in a virtual art gallery. Visitors will be able to click through as if they were walking in a real art gallery and see the work that our student-artists have created this year. The link for that will be posted when we get closer to the “gallery opening.”

Throughout that weekend, if you see student artwork, we are encouraging you to share it on social media with the hashtag #RutherfordFromMyWindow!

We hope that this event will allow all students from our youngest to our oldest know how much their artistic talent is appreciated and honored.

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