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Rutherford Schools and Our Community

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo credits: Rutherford Public Schools

The Rutherford schools have always found ways to invite the community to be part of their educational experiences.

On October 13th, the Kindergarten Center invited Firefighter Ozer to their school. The young students were excited to learn about the equipment and tools that Firefighter Ozer and the other firefighters in our Borough use. He also taught them ways to make sure they stay safe.

Rutherford High School's English teacher Melissa Dougard and her creative writing students were selected to be published in the 15th edition of The Red Wheelbarrow Journal. For the first time ever, the journal featured a curated collection of poems from the students of RHS. Published students included:

  • Morgan Bollinger

  • Isabella Claveria

  • Mia Febbo

  • Tristan Greeley

  • Khushi Hermajani

  • Hwan Lee

  • Miranda Lenaghan

  • Ava Melore

  • Eleri McGregor

  • Gian Menjivar

  • Catherine Miguel-Rasteiro

  • Lucy Olivo

  • Cassidy Ovarsi

  • Kia Parikh

  • Lauren Pfleger

  • Jade Recio

  • Dana Serea

  • Natalia Tomczak

  • Nicole Wernicki

Supervisor of English Language Arts, and Fine, Practical, and Performing Art, Brian Ersalesi, explained, "The Red Wheelbarrow Poets is a collective of poets based in the hometown of William Carlos Williams, Rutherford, NJ. Williams was a medical doctor who practiced in Rutherford and the surrounding area as well as a poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright. Alongside other poets like Ezra Pound, Williams is remembered as a leader in the Imagist movement who captured Americana with his subjects and themes."

The following students (photographed above) also were invited to participate in the launch of the latest edition of the journal. The special event took place at The Little Theatre at Felician University.

  • Morgan Bolliger

  • Tristan Greeley

  • Catherine Miguel-Rasterio

  • Lauren Pfleger

  • Natalia Tomczak

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