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Rutherford Historic Preservation Society

By Jennifer Ersalesi

The newly created Rutherford Historic Preservation Society (RHPS) is comprised of volunteers who intend to work together to focus on historical architecture, historically important individuals, as well as many other components of the rich history of Rutherford.

This is Rutherford spoke with the newly elected Chairman of the RHPS, Ed Gajda to learn more about this group.

TIR: Why is being a part of the RHPS so important to you?

Ed Gajda: Personally, I became interested in historic preservation because of my background in architecture and construction contracting and moreover due to my decision to move into Rutherford and join the Rutherford Historical Preservation Commission. I became Chairman this year and found it most rewarding. As for the RHPS, we have an exceptionally talented, diverse, and dedicated group that is intent on giving it our best shot!

TIR: Is there a particular historical building or home in town that has always intrigued you?

EG: I cannot choose one home in particular that stands out. Every year the RHPC selects three homes to award as part of Historic Preservation Month (May). This year I visited the three homes, met the owners, and was so impressed with their appreciation for their historic value. It is hard and expensive to maintain these beautiful homes.

The RHPS will have its next meeting on December 13th at 6 pm in the Auditorium at the Rutherford Public Library. Any community members who are interested in learning more about the group and/or joining are welcome to attend the meeting.

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