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Rutherford High School Presents "Radium Girls"

By Jennifer Ersalesi

“Radium Girls” was written by D.W. Gregory in 1926, however, the themes and messages within the play make it relevant even today. Students at Rutherford High School will be performing this play this upcoming weekend under the direction of RHS Vocal Music Teacher, Mrs. Patricia Blanchard. The play deals with Marie Curie’s discovery of the element, radium, which was used to cure diseases and to paint luminous watches.

The Radium Girls are women employed with the US. Radium Corporation in Orange, NJ. These women were responsible for painting the luminous watches. Many of these women start dying and one woman in particular, Grace Fryer, wants to see justice served. Fryer fights for her day in court to prove that these women passed away due to their exposure to radium.

The play focuses on the commercialization of science and the American pursuit of wealth and health. These issues are still prevalent today.

RHS students will present “Radium Girls” on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th at 7:30 p.m. in the RHS auditorium.

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