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Rutherford High School Picnic Table Project

By Tracy Leigh

Photos by Poppie Bimson

Rutherford High School (RHS) students and staff know that having a comfortable and functional outdoor space can enhance their daily experiences. However, the current state of their outdoor seating arrangements has left much to be desired.

Fortunately, RHS sophomore Poppie Bimson and RHS PTSA President Gina Smith have taken matters into their own hands with their RHS Picnic Table Project. By raising funds to purchase new picnic tables, they hope to transform the outdoor space at RHS into a more inviting and enjoyable environment for everyone.

This is Rutherford: Poppie and Gina, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Poppie Bimson: I am currently a sophomore at Rutherford High School, taking some of my favorite subjects like Science and English. I participate in the Student Council and Pep Club to help support the school and student body. In my free time, I enjoy running, spending time with friends and family, and reading.

Gina Smith: I have been the RHS PTSA President for the past two years. I have a sophomore at the high school and a 23 year old daughter. I have been a member and held various positions in the PTAs throughout town since my daughter started school.

TIR: How did you come up with idea to fundraise for new picnic tables?

PB: Originally, I noticed some students eating in places other than the cafeteria, such as the hallways or stairwells. With that, I figured some extra seating would help some students find comfortable places to enjoy lunch or even a simple spot to take a break in nice weather.

RHS Field
Photo of the current space.

TIR: What is the goal of the fundraiser?

PB: We plan for the new seating to promote the inclusivity of students and positive interactions. All in all, the goal of the project is to provide any individual, whether it be teachers, students, or anyone simply using the backyard, with a convenient and comfortable place to sit and relax.

GS: We appreciate the support from the Rutherford community. Raising funds at the high school is harder than at the smaller schools since we don’t have lunches to rely on and the students are heavily involved with their various sports and clubs. The RHS PTSA appreciates any support the community can provide us to help give these students an additional space to relax.

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