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Rutherford Community Blood Bank is Back

Submitted by The Rutherford Community Blood Bank

Carol Hsu has been elected interim chairperson of the Rutherford Community Blood Bank. The Rutherford resident succeeds Kathleen Mathieu. “Carol brings a fresh energy to our efforts and tradition as we happily restart our work, which has been curtailed by the pandemic,” said Kathleen.

Other officers include Karla Mazza, Vice-Chairperson; Frank Tidona, Treasurer; and Peggy Lestche, Corresponding Secretary. The all-volunteer group was started by area residents in 1957. “I am looking forward to our fall drive on Monday, November 1,” said Carol. “If you can give blood, please do save the date.”

The Annual Fall Blood Drive will take place on November 1, 2021, at the 55 Kip Center.

Carol (center) with husband Wayne Narucki; daughter Julia; and son Wes on vacation in Maine.

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