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RHS School Newspaper Back Issues are Digitized

Updated: May 8, 2023

By Jennifer Ersalesi

In 2019, the R-Hi (the Rutherford High School newspaper) went online at Now, back issues from the past 60 years have been digitized.

The R-Hi Archives has been a year-long project, and RHS is happy to announce it is finally published. Jeimmy Garita (‘24) volunteered to scan each and every R-Hi newspaper that we have on hand. There were two huge binders of archived newspapers dating back to as early as 1960! R-Hi, thanks Jeimmy for all of her time and dedication to this project.

Now that the documents have been scanned into the database, R-Hi has created a dedicated tab for these archived issues for everyone to explore right on the R-Hi website.

Enjoy a look back in time at Rutherford High School. Everyone is thankful to Mrs. Erica Prinzo, R-Hi Advisor, and her team of student-journalists.

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