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RHS's Unified Club Dines on Park Ave

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo credits: Nicholas DeBari

Rutherford High School staff continuously strive to add to the diversity of co-curricular clubs that are offered to their students. During the 2018-2019 school year, a new club, the Unified Club, was created and is sponsored by the Special Olympics. Students of all abilities who choose to participate in this club engage in a number of activities that promote social inclusion and acceptance. These activities include sports, games, community service projects, and other school events. The advisors of this club are Vice-Principal Mr. Nicholas DeBari, Mrs. Kelly Lancaster, Ms. Maria Goodman and Ms. Erica Prinzo.

Current club member, Kiera Yablonski, came up with an idea for a special activity. Kiera wanted to organize an event where all the students could enjoy lunch together at a local restaurant. Mr. DeBari explained, “Kiera took the initiative to email Mike Finan at Matera’s on Park and explain her idea. She then presented the idea to the Club advisors.”

On Wednesday, November 6th, members of the Unified Club were able to enjoy lunch at Matera’s on Park. Although there was money set aside in the budget for this event, the generous Forte and Finan families at Matera’s on Park provided this lunch at no cost to the club. Mr. DeBari told TIR, “Special thanks to the Forte and Finan families for their generosity. People like them make Rutherford such a special community. The event was everything I envisioned it could be.”

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