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RHS Publishes "Scribe" Literary Magazine

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Cover. Artwork by Stacy Shang

For forty-three years, Rutherford High School students have been publishing a literary magazine, “Scribe”. For the last few years, Ms. Melissa Dougard, English and Creative Writing Teacher at RHS, has been the Advisor for Scribe. This year, Senior Tierra Sherlock, was the Editor. Not only does the magazine contain written pieces from RHS students, but it also includes artwork from students. Fortunately, the literary magazine is available online (click here) and can be shared with students, family, and friends. “I think it's important for readers and contributors, alike, that Scribe is still accessible online. Amidst a healthy dose of confusion and stress, a lot of us find ourselves turning to art (literature, film, music, etc.). Scribe allows students to add their creative expression to the mix; it’s willing to give them a voice, even if they didn’t know that they were looking for one. Making sure Scribe is still accessible online sends a message to students: your work is important and valuable, and it’s not diminished by the current state of the world,” explained Tierra Sherlock.

"This year's creation of Scribe came with unprecedented challenges as we had to use a new program to create the magazine and the editor and I had to work and collaborate virtually. March and April are typically our months to work before school and after school, but obviously we could not do that this year. I was worried, would we have enough substantial material to even publish a magazine this year? I was very fortunate to be working with Tierra Sherlock as my editor this year; anyone who knows Tierra knows that she does not accept mediocrity...excellence pulses through her veins. So, we did the best we could; she texted classmates for submissions, I emailed art teachers for help getting artwork, and I emailed students for additional literary work. Slowly but surely, it all came together into a literary magazine that I know she and I are both proud of and one that we'll never ever forget. The beauty of this edition is that it comes out at a time when it seems that most of us are returning back to art (literary and visual) as a way to connect, to console ourselves (and each other), and a way to inspire. The ground beneath us is uncertain, but art provides a sense of timeless stability," explained Ms. Melissa Dougard.

Artwork by Arena Chowdhury

Tierra Sherlock told TIR, “This magazine was largely compiled during the quarantine. Scribe is always about bringing writers and artists together, but this year gave a new spin on what it means to be a community. Even though we couldn't meet in person, we were still able to share our work with one another, stay connected, and put together a great magazine!”

Read more about Editor Tierra Sherlock here.

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