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Remembering Barbara Bennett

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Genevieve Kacmarcik

On Wednesday, June 1st community members and Barbara Bennett's family gathered at Memorial Field. Barbara Bennett was the Rutherford Recreation Director up until her untimely passing in May of 2019. Genevieve Kacmarcik, Social Services Department Head, spoke about how the Department Heads at Borough Hall came together to purchase this bench in Barbara's memory. The Mayor and Council approved their request and the DPW set up the bench near the Little League Field. "Barbara was Rutherford," Genevieve explained, "I miss her dearly and I miss her laugh."

Barbara's oldest brother, Cliff Moore, told those attending the dedication, "If she called you, even if you were having the worst day, she changed your day and you couldn't help but smile." Cliff asked everyone to join him in singing Happy Birthday to Barbara because she loved birthdays and singing happy birthday.

Mayor Frank Nunziato and the Department Heads encourage everyone to use the bench and feel the same joy that Barbara got from watching the community members enjoy the park and the activities that take place there.

To read more about Barbara, click here.

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