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Relay for Life

Updated: May 25, 2021

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Unfortunately, many people understand the challenges and fear that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Whether someone has lost a loved one to cancer, has battled cancer, or has seen the devastating effects of cancer within their community, the word “cancer” summons up many emotions.

This year Relay for Life of Rutherford and Clifton Team is working with the American Cancer Society to help save lives. The American Cancer Society works to promote healthy lifestyles to prevent cancer, research cancer, fight for life-saving policy changes, and provide support for patients and their families.

To learn more about this year's Relay for Life, click here for the Facebook link or here for the website.

Throughout the month of May, community members will have many opportunities to support the Relay for Life and American Cancer Society. There will also be a window display about the Relay in the Better Homes and Garden Coccia Realty window at 11 Park Ave in Rutherford throughout the month.

Listed below are a number of ways to support local businesses and the American Cancer Society.

On Thursday, May 13th Steve's Burgers in Garfield will donate 20% of their sales to the American Cancer Society.

On Monday, May 17th and Tuesday, May 18th Ghost Hawk in Clifton will be donating back a portion of the profits earned to the American Cancer Society.

Others who wish to support the American Cancer Society by shopping online can purchase products from Pampered Chef using the link below.

On Tuesday, May 25th, and Wednesday, May 26th, Goffins, 64 Park Boutique, will be donating a percentage of their profits to the American Cancer Society.

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