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Recent Changes to RHS Honors Programs

Information Submitted by Rutherford Public Schools

By Jennifer Ersalesi

The Rutherford School District recently outlined very specific requirements for students who wish to take Honors classes at Rutherford High School beginning with the incoming freshman class, class of 2028.

In addition to meeting the specific benchmarks laid out in the attached letter and documents, incoming freshmen will also be required to take assessments if they wish to take Honors 100 English and/or Honors 100 World History. All interested students must sign up with Mr. Tozzi, UMS School Counselor, by January 19th. The assessments will take place on January 30th in the RHS Cafeteria at 3:15 pm. Please see the attached letter and documents for additional information.

For more information on the matrices that will be used to determine placement in all Honors Classes, including Honors English, History, Biology, and Geometry, please also review the documents attached.

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