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Police Blotter - Mar. 27th-31st: Indecent Exposure on Rt. 3 and Another Car Goes Missing

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Wednesday, March 27th - Fraud, Sylvan Street

A 73 year old male from Rutherford reported to RPD to complain he was victim of an IT scam for $959. On December 16th, 2018, he experienced computer printer problems and he contacted what he believed to be Brothers Printers. Their assessment determined it not to be the printer, but the computer itself. They recommended the IT company TechnoBooks who advised him his computer had been hacked and it would cost $319 to repair. Technobooks also recommended their security services for $500/year. He agreed. On February 19th he emailed Technobooks about another computer and printer problem. He was told a technician will call him back. He was then contacted EProminent IT services who stated they’re a division of Technobooks. He granted them access to assess his computer remotely. He was advised he was again hacked and “several of the drivers were not running.” He was informed his coverage from Technobooks covered hardware only and that he needed to purchase further protection for all his devices for $959. On March 22nd, he began receiving messages from EProminent that he was again hacked and needed more services and repairs for $700. He contacted Technobooks who informed him that EProminent was not associated with Technobooks at all and he should never have allowed them access. RPD contacted Prominent and Technobooks. Reps from both companies had foreign accents and although they claimed to be located in the United States, they refused to list their their physical address. The elderly gentleman was advised to disassociate with both companies as RPD believes they are not legitimate businesses and that the Brothers Printer website he visited originally was not the official company website, as cloned websites with the intent to scam people have become a problem.

Wednesday, March 27th - Lost Property, Montross Ave

A 48 year old male from Garfield using Uber Pool was picked up at a location in Passaic and transported to a Rutherford address on March 19th. When he got out of the vehicle he left behind his jacket which contained prescriptions, a social security card and $500 cash. When he exited the vehicle there were two other fares as part of the Uber Pool option. He contacted Uber who located the jacket but not the belongings.

Thursday, March 28th - Burglary, Clark Court

A Clark Court homeowner returned home to discover the door pried open and home ransacked. The incident is believed to have taken place between 1:30 pm and 5:32 pm. The homeowner is unsure what, if anything, was taken. The incident is under investigation.

Friday, March 29th - Verbal Dispute, Montross Ave

At approximately 9:39 am RPD was dispatched to Lincoln School because a parent was upset that she was not permitted to see her child and deliver a snack during the school day. The parent was advised that there is a policy in place preventing visitations for the safety of staff and students. She left noting she was displeased.


Friday, March 29th - Suspicious Person, Wood Street

A 36 year old male resident of Wood Street reported several females in the area soliciting for PSE&G. One female departed his residence after he stated he was calling RPD to verify. RPD located one female on Mortimer Ave, one on Union Ave and one in a residence on Grove Street. They said they were employees of Direct Energy and had a non-photo ID from Direct Energy out of Delaware. RPD advised them of the need to have a solicitor’s permit. They left without incident. RPD reminds people to ask to see a copy of a solicitor’s permit as required by the town. If they can’t provide that, call RPD and never let any solicitor inside your home.

Saturday, March 30th - Lewdness, Rt. 3 East

At approximately 11:07am, a 28 year old female from Nutley who was traveling as a passenger in an Uber on Rt. 3 East reported a white male with short hair exposed himself to her while driving in another car. The complainant reported the driver thrusted his hips to expose his penis. She was unable to provide a license plate but said it was silver Toyota Camry.

Sunday, March 31st - Motor Vehicle Theft, Spring Dell

At approximately 9:20 am a 74 year old man parked his brown 2018 BMW X1 in the rear lot off Ettrick Terrace. He left the vehicle running with the key fob, keys and cell phone in the car. He returned at 9:40 am and the car was gone. He used the “Find My Phone” app and observed the car traveling towards Newark. On April 3rd, Newark police located the vehicle.

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