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Police Blotter - Apr. 10th-15th: Lost on Rt 17; Lost in the Bleachers

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Monday, April 15th - Found Property, Tryon Field

A 54 year old female from Rutherford located an iPhone with a plastic case on Saturday, April 13th on the bleachers during a Lacrosse game at Tryon Field. The phone was locked and unable to be accessed however it was also unable to receive or place calls. It is assumed it was a phone for children for just dialing 911 or playing videos. It is being held at RPD headquarters and RPD is hoping the owner can be identified after being able to specifically describe the plastic case. Please call 201-939-6000 X 1 if you believe it to be your phone.

Monday, April 15th - Dispute, Park Ave

At approximately 4:38 pm, RPD received multiple phone calls reporting a fight in progress on Park Ave. The callers were able to supply the license plate of one vehicle that they witnessed a person exiting. It was determined that the fight was over a parking space and that it was actually taking place in East Rutherford. RPD notified East Rutherford of the dispute which was over by the time East Rutherford PD arrived.

Monday, April 15th - Suspicious Person, Carmita Ave

A 47 year old male reported 2 white males, one wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants and one wearing a white shirt and blue pants rang his doorbell, looked inside his mailbox and walked away. He watched this via video cameras. RPD reported checking the residence and stated that it seems to be secure.

Sunday, April 14th - Suspicious Incident, Wheaton Place

A 66 year old female resident reported she found all the windows and sunroof of her car open at approximately 3 pm. RPD investigated and found it there is a safety feature of her car that allows all the windows and sunroof to be open simultaneously. No criminal behavior suspected.

Sunday, April 14th - DWI, Rt 17 North

At approximately 2:44 am Officer Callan made a motor vehicle stop of a gray 2016 Ford Fusion. The driver was suspected of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, failed standard field tests and was placed under arrest. The driver was a 27 year old female from South Hackensack. A breathalyzer revealed her BAC to be .16. (Legal limit is .08) She was issued 3 motor vehicle summonses and released to a responsible party under John’s Law.

Saturday, April 13th - Noise Complaint, West Pierrepont Ave

At approximately 7 pm a complainant reported he had been hearing a dog barking and whining for 5 hours and requested RPD for enforcement. The responding officer reported hearing barking in the vicinity. He spoke with a 62 year old female resident who admitted to having 3 dogs, none of which had a license so she was given summonses for unlicensed dogs. The barking ceased.

Saturday, April 13th - Criminal Mischief, Union Ave

Between 8:30 pm on April 12th and 4:45 pm on April 13th, a 46 year old Union Ave resident reported unknown actors damaged his 2015 Chevy Suburban while parked on private property behind his apartment complex. Upon entering his vehicle he observed the ABS light on his dash illuminated. According to a mechanic who had previously worked on his vehicle, this sensor was directly related to tire and braking system. He observed the wires for the sensors were cut, just like the previous incident which he pointed out to the officers. The wires are not located in an easily locatable place. The superintendent of the building reported no other suspicious incidents. The super was advised he should invest in a surveillance system.

Friday, April 12th - Suspicious Person, Rt 3 East

A suspicious party was reported near the guardrail on Rt 3 East at approximately 1:08 pm. The parties turned out to be a 66 year old female and 65 year old female, both of Rutherford. RPD responded and found the 2 females did not speak any English. The ladies were transported to a massage parlor on Park Ave where RPD knew someone would be able to translate in Chinese. Through the translation, RDP learned the women resided on Ettrick Terrace and were attempting to walk to Aldi’s on RT 17 South, but got lost. Both women just wanted to go home and were given courtesy transportation home by RPD.

Friday, April 12th - Dispute, Extended Stay America Hotel

A dispute between a 33 year old male, 28 year old female and 30 year female, all from Passaic, required RPD and one unit from East Rutherford to respond to the Extended Stay America Hotel. It was found to be a dispute between friends and they dispersed.

Thursday, April 11th - Dispute, Santiago Ave

A 60 year old male responded to RPD headquarters to document an incident that happened between himself and a resident of Santiago Ave. He reports the resident yelled at him and threatened to hurt him for allowing his dog go to the bathroom on the curb line. He did not want RPD to contact the person, he just wanted to document it.

Thursday, April 11th - Fraud, Clark Court

A 46 year old female reported that on February 19th she received an email from “Rosa Lake” of offering her a job as a quality control agent which would require her to check shipping contents from Amazon and then ship the contents to a destination. She would get $40 per package and paid on a monthly basis. The resident filled out the application and provided a copy of her drivers license. She did ship several packages but as has not yet been paid. RPD Googled the address and company to find out this company has been associated with fraud with several complaints filed. RPD’s calls to the company went unanswered. The resident has been advised of the fraud and advised she should contact Equifax to put a hold on future inquiries and to check her banking accounts. She was also reminded that companies typically do not solicit people for jobs.

Thursday, April 11th - Suspicious Incident, Orient Way

A 79 year old female believes someone entered her apartment without permission. She believes this happened on April 10th. When she arrived back at her apartment, she noticed the door she normally double locks was unlocked. When she entered she noticed some belongings were out of order, all of the closets open, and the lights on. She stated she’s come home to similar incidents in the past but doesn’t believe anything was missing. The officer discussed the idea of installing a surveillance camera in her residence.

Wednesday, April 10th - Suspicious Incident, Van Riper Ave

A 23 year old male complainant believes he provided sensitive information to a caller using the phone number 732-642-6176 who left an automated message that informed him his Social Security had been suspended and for more info to press 1. He followed the prompt where a person identifying themselves as “Annie” informed him he had multiple fraud charges in Texas. She requested his SS# and he provided it. She told him he had thousands of dollars in fines. When the resident said he had never been in Texas, “Annie” hung up. He was given an ID theft package and told to not give out his information over phone.

Wednesday, April 10th - Burglary, Stuyvesant Ave

A 46 year old Stuyvesant Ave resident was contacted by RPD after being notified by NJ State Police that in an investigation of a stolen vehicle, property belonging to the Rutherford resident was found. He was unaware any of his property had been stolen but stated that on Sunday, April 7th he left his 2017 Infinity QX5 unlocked overnight and he believed it had been entered. There was no visible damage to vehicle. A library card, Best Buy rewards card, Barnes and Noble rewards card, Bergen County Golf Club card, all bearing his name, and a roll of quarters were recovered from a stolen car found by NJ State Police.

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