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Police Blotter - 7/22-7/28: Dude, There's Your Car; Trapped in Walgreens

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


**During this period, there were 6 reported burglarized cars on the west side of Jackson Ave on Carneer Ave, West Passaic Ave and Hobart Ave. 3 were parked in the street, 3 were in driveways and 5 were left unlocked. **

Sunday, July 28 - Theft, Monona Ave

A 34 year old Monona Ave resident called to report a missing bicycle. She had left two bicycles in the back of her driveway the previous day, July 27th, at approximately 6:00pm and when she returned home at approximately 4:00 pm on July 28th she noticed one missing. It is a Genesis 29” incline men’s bicycle, black with yellow accents and lettering. It had been recently purchased and only used a few times and does not have any distinguishing marks. It is valued at $168. She was advised to keep the other bike inside or secured by a lock and that RPD would conduct a canvas of the area.

Sunday, July 28 - Fraud, Park Ave

A caller stated that she received and email from a man named Gary Mehta from Four Brothers Financial, LLC accounting and auditing service. The caller stated that Four Brothers had received her resume after she used the website as a means to look for employment. The caller reported that she was told a check for $3788 would be mailed to her to cover training expenses. She received an envelope via USPS from Gary Mehta with a return address of 185 Hudson St Fl 21, Jersey City, NJ 07302. The envelope contained a check for $3788 that was issued from the Endocrine Society which was located in Washington DC. An internet search of Endocrine Society produced a group researching endocrine and hormonal disease. She deposited the check at a Rutherford bank. Prior to the check clearing, Mehta requested the woman make a wire transfer in the amount $2710 to “reseller agent Temi Akianola” of “Pennsoft Payroll Solutions.” The money was to be deducted from the original $3788 to cover costs needed. She made the transfer on July 22nd. Later that day she received an email from Mehta stating the amount of $2710 was incorrect and she needed to send another $688 to another reseller agent “Arun Kumar Patel with a Bank of America routing number this time. She became suspicious and refused the second transfer. Bank of America stated the check had bounced and that the account was fraudulent and they would investigate.

Sunday, July 28 - Criminal Mischief, East Pierrepont Ave

At approximately 9:08 am a 35 year old male caller reported his 2004 Toyota Highlander had been damaged between 5:33 am and 6:27 am while parked in front of his residence. The rearview mirror had been damaged. Its glass mirror had fallen out and was hanging by defroster wires.

Sunday, July 28 - Aid & Assist, Park Ave

At approximately 12:21 am a 42 year old woman reported her 11 year old daughter had been locked inside the Walgreens Pharmacy business for hours. RPD contacted the store manager who said she’d respond back to open the doors. The parties exited the business at approximately 1:00 am.

Sunday, July 28 - Aid & Assist, Orient Way

At approximately 12:19 am, a 58 year old male from North Arlington called RPD to report his 2015 Kia was stolen. He had parked it on Orient Way and East Pierrepont Ave, at 1pm the previous day. Officers checked the surrounding area and located the vehicle near Highland Cross and Orient Way. It was an apparent oversight about where he parked his vehicle. The caller was happily reunited with his vehicle.

Saturday, July 27 - Suspicious Person, Carmita Ave

A 47 year old male caller reported a black male, wearing a white shirt and approximately 45-50 years old was soliciting money. He was last seen walking north on Carmita near Union Ave. The party was gone upon RPD arrival.

Saturday, July 27 - Noise Complaint, Sylvan St

At approximately 4:15 pm, a 40 year old male caller reported neighbors playing loud music in the backyard. RPD was dispatched and reported the music was not at an unreasonable volume. The party responded he would turn it down for the remainder of the afternoon.

Saturday, July 27 - Aid & Assist, Darwin Ave

At approximately 2:08 pm, a resident called for a 75 year old female who had fallen on her living room floor and required assistance getting back into her chair. Officer Walker and SLEO Kopacz responded and helped the woman without incident or further medical intervention.

Friday, July 26 - Fraud, Sylvan St

A 19 year old male from Rutherford walked into RPD to report he received a suspicious call from an unknown party who represented himself as a police officer and requested the last 4 digits of Rutherford man’s social security number. The unknown party also claimed that the Rutherford man had a warrant out for his arrest . The phone call came from 1-800-546-5617. The Rutherford man gave the caller the last 4 digits of his social and he was then asked about various bank account information. The caller then advised him someone would follow up in the near future. RDP advised the Rutherford man that no law enforcement officer would call him requesting this information and advised him to not give out any personal information in the future or allow anyone to use his computer. An attempt was made to call back the person at the 1-800 number, but RPD received only an automated system.

Friday, July 26 - Suspicious Incident, West Van Ness Ave

At approximately 12:53 pm, a 57 year old male reported an explosive item, possible a blasting cap, may have been on the rear deck of his property and he requested assistance to identify the item. Officer Bruce Reed, who has bomb squad training experience, was dispatched and reported the item appeared to be a small cardboard tube believed to be garbage. The item was discarded by the Officer.

Friday, July 26 - Motor Vehicle Theft, Ridge Road

A 45 year old male caller reported a 2019 silver Alfa Romeo was stolen between 10:00 pm July 25th and 5:36 am July 26th. The vehicle loaner car was parked in his driveway overnight. He had left the keys in his garage on the workbench and stated he must have forgotten to lock the garage which showed no signs of forced entry. The vehicle was entered into the National Crime Information Center computers for NJ and it was recovered in Newark on July 30th.

Friday, July 26 - DWI, Park Ave

At approximately 1:47 am, a 66 year old male from Lyndhurst crashed his 1997 4 door Lincoln near Park Ave and West Pierrepont Ave. An investigation determined he drove at a high rate of speed and hit the curb, parking meter, and PSE&G pole. He caused complete destruction of a parking meter, utility pole and electric service to one of the nearby businesses. It was determined it would not be safe to conduct a field sobriety test in as the immediate vicinity was unsafe as a result of all the damage. The man was arrested and transported to the hospital. He was released under John’s Law from the hospital to a responsible party. He received 6 summonses including: DWI, careless driving, failure to maintain lane, delaying traffic and rate of speed across a sidewalk.

Wednesday, July 24 - Noise Complaint, Washington Ave

At approximately 11:00 pm a 29 year old female caller reported a large group of vehicles making noise in the street. Officers dispatched found a group of juveniles deciding where to go and they left voluntarily.

Wednesday, July 24 - Suspicious Person, Insley Ave

The boyfriend of a 36 year old female from Rutherford called RPD at approximately 11:17 am to report his girlfriend, who was home alone, heard the doorbell ring from the rear of the residence. The doorbell in question can only be accessed from entering a sunroom. Officers were dispatched but it was determined that it was just the mailman.

Tuesday, July 23 - Suspicious Incident, Vanderburgh Ave

A 56 year old female from Rutherford who owns a 2013 Nissan Rogue entered her vehicle on the online car rental service, where a person rents your car and pays maintenance, payment and compensation. She reported she’s done this successfully in the past. A 24 year old male from West New York was supposed to pick up the car on July 21st at 9am and return it July 22nd at 9am. When the vehicle was returned, it was returned by his “cousin” and the owner observed trash, water bottles and a backpack in the car. The car was dirty and had gone over the allotted mileage. She contacted the West New York man about the above issues. After several days of back and forth texts, the man stated he’d take an Uber to pick up the backpack. When she said she wouldn’t be available to make the exchange but her husband would, he suddenly said he would not be able to return to Rutherford. They made a second attempt to meet this time on Kennedy Blvd in Hudson County, which appeared to be an Old Navy store, after business hours. This made the woman question his intentions. She then replied that other arrangements would need to be made to which she received no further communication. She requested RPD make contact with the man. RPD spoke to a 3rd party who stated the individual who rented the car no longer had this cell phone and thinks the man lives in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn now. The woman has since canceled her account.

Tuesday, July 23 - Fraud, Park Ave

A 42 year old man from Sussex County mailed a scholarship check from a Rutherford mailbox on behalf of a local charitable organization to a recipient in Ohio. The check was intercepted by an unknown party and it appears that it was “washed” in which the original details on the check were erased and all fields altered. The check was cashed on July 16th and was made payable to Fernando A. Alamo Colon in the amount of $6500. It was cashed at Banco Santander in Puerto Rico. The bank was notified and is conducting an investigation.

Monday, July 22 - DWI, West Van Ness Ave

At approximately 11:22 pm, RPD received a report of a suspicious person. Upon arrival Officer Lindov located the vehicle parked with ignition on and the party sitting in the driver’s seat. The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on the man’s breath. He provided the officer with a wrong name. His true identity was obtained through his wallet and it was determined he was a 33 year male from Rutherford driving a 2001 Ford Wagon. A computer check of the automated traffic and criminal system yielded one outstanding warrant from Wallington for $200. Field sobriety tests were performed and the man placed under arrest and transported to RPD headquarters. He had a .06% blood alcohol content and a drug recognition expert was requested to complete the investigation. The man was was issued 4 summonses before being released to responsible party under John’s Law: DWI, open container in MV, being an unlicensed driver and failure to exhibit documents.

Monday, July 22 - Aid & Assist, Montross Ave

A 61 year woman from Montross Ave called 911 to report her 27 year old son needed assistance as he was stuck in flooded waters in an unknown location. RPD was able to contact her son via his cell phone and he advised RPD he was stuck on McCarter Highway in Newark and Newark Fire Dept was on the scene. RPD notified the mother of his status.

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