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Police Blotter-6/17- 6/23: If you see a juvenile fall out of a car, consider stopping to help

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Monday, June 17th - Noise Complaint, Park Ave

An 86 year old female called reporting her upstairs neighbors was playing their music too loud, 24/7. At 11:37 am, Officer Foley was dispatched and reported not hearing any music. The woman insisted that there was also banging. The officer spoke to both parties as this is an ongoing issue.

Monday, June 17th - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave

A 41 year old male reported a vehicle had taken down the chain barring the entrance to a private lot and the vehicle parked in the lot without permission. A representative of the property owner showed Officer Foley the chain that had been used to block the driveway. The chain was attached to an eye hook anchored to a brick wall. The representative stated he went out and when he returned at 1:15 pm there was an unauthorized vehicle parked there, chain pulled out of the wall and a smudge mark and dent on the car. The vehicle belonged to security alarm business from Denville, NJ. Contact was made with the worker and stated the chain was already down and he assumed he could park there as he had done so in the past. He was issued a summons for parking on private property.

Monday, June 17th - Suspicious Incident, Orient Way

At approximately 3:18 pm, a 52 year old Kearny woman reported seeing a juvenile male fall out of a red truck. The red truck then made a u-turn to proceed north on Orient Way. The woman did not stop for the juvenile or get the license plate. Officers found no juvenile, witnesses, or vehicle.

Monday, June 17th - Suspicious Incident, Park Ave

A 56 year old female called to report there had been someone inside her house which was just recently purchased and not moved into yet. She said an unknown party entered her vacant residence which had a deadbolt keypad lock and multiple parties have had access to the code. She reported that 2 bottles of wine were consumed, a cabinet drawer broken and someone left a key on her basement floor. The party also locked the door behind them when they left. In the presence of Detective Inglese, the owner asked her 27 year old son if he had been to the house and he replied he had not. On June 19th the Detective spoke with the homeowner again and the son admitted that he had been at the house and then she apologized for contacting the police.

Monday, June 17th - Burglary, Woodland Ave

A 56 year old Woodland Ave resident advised RDP that between June 15th at 4:00 pm and June 16th at 6:00 am an unknown party entered his 2018 Chevy work van parked in his driveway. An unknown party burglarized the interior of the work van and access was gained with force. A case containing a Dewalt cordless drill, batteries and charger with an approximate value $500 was missing. The caller utilized the vehicle all day prior to calling RPD so anything with evidentiary value was lost.

Monday, June 17th - CDS, Rt 3

At approximately 6:48 pm a 23 year old male from North Bergen who was driving a 2019 Kia was stopped for improper passing by Officer Donovan while on enforcement detail. Officer Donovan advised he detected a strong odor of burnt and raw marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Further investigation resulted in the discovery of a gray plastic container with a green leafy vegetative substance believed to be maruijuana, a bong, and bowl. The accused was placed under arrest for possession of CDS (controlled deadly substance) and paraphernalia. He was released on summonses for possession of under 50 grams and paraphernalia and for having an unclear license plate and improper passing.

Tuesday, June 18th - General Information, Park Ave

RPD Detective Inglese advised Sgt. Capoano that water was pooling causing a hazardous condition in the main hallway of RPD headquarters. DPW was dispatched and a worker went to the RPD roof to unclog the return drain from one of the AC units

Wednesday, June 19th - Suspicious Person, Union Ave

At approximately 3:17 am a year old female called to report an unknown person ran west through her backyard towards the Union Ave bridge. All RPD units were dispatched due to the fact there have been recent burglaries in the vicinity and East Rutherford units sent as well. Negative results found.

Wednesday, June 19th - Suspicious Incident, West Gouverneur Ave

A West Gouverneur resident reported seeing a UPS delivery driver place a package in the curbside bushes at a home on West Governor the previous day at approximately 7:00 pm. Approximately 2 hours later, a white Jeep arrived to pick up the package. She noted the residence is currently vacant and that it was an odd place to leave a package. UPS security has been notified.

Wednesday, June 19th - Noise Complaint, Wilson Ave

At approximately 11:06 pm a caller reported excessively loud vulgar music being played from the bedroom of his neighbor’s unit. Officers confirmed the complaint and spoke to the resident, a 49 year old female, who stated she would have her 22 year old son shut off the music and keep it off for the night.

Thursday, June 20th - Burglary, Hastings Ave

A 53 year old male victim reported an unknown party entered his residence the previous evening between 6-9pm and stole $3,000. He left at 6:00 pm and returned at 9:00 pm when he noticed his window air conditioner had been moved. He reported there had been approximately $3,000 cash in his house that was missing and nothing else seemed to be stolen. Detectives were dispatched to process the scene.

Thursday, June 20th - Theft By Deception, Carneer Ave

A 79 year old male Carneer resident stated that on June 19th at approximately 9:00 am he received a phone call from a blocked number from a party that represented himself as the man’s grandson, but never mentioned the grandson’s first or last name. The man just assumed it was his grandson that they were referring to. The party on the phone stated he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had been arrested and needed bail money. The party on the phone instructed the man to contact his attorney, James Murray at 431-688-2336. The resident contacted a James Murray as instructed who spoke to a party who introduced himself as James Murray and stated he would be representing the grandson. The grandson supposedly admitted he was using his cell phone while driving, causing him to strike another vehicle. The bail would be $80,000 but they would accept 10%, or $8,000, to be mailed in cash, in an envelope, between multiple magazines, via overnight UPS. They provided the Rutherford resident an address in Miramar, Florida. The man attempted to contact his grandson directly multiple times but never made contact, so he did as he was told. On June 20th at 9:30 am the resident received another call from a party stating he was James Murray’s assistant. The party stated that the woman who was involved in the accident was pregnant and lost the baby as a result. The party this time requested $14,000 in cash to be sent in the same manner to pay for medical expenses. He advised he had to make arrangements for the cash and again called his grandson who this time answered and stated he had never been in an accident. There is an ongoing investigation.

Thursday, June 20th - Suspicious Incident, Riverside Ave

At approximately 5:51 pm a 27 year old male from Bloomfield reported a dead body in a trash bag had washed ashore on the Passaic. Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Riverside Ave. and met by the caller who pointed out the object. Initial inspection appeared to confirm the report but closer inspection showed it was the lower half of a mannequin with steel inner frame and rubber body. It was removed and disposed of.

Friday, June 21st - Burglary, Wood Street

A 50 year old female victim reported someone removed a handicap placard from her 2016 Volkswagen Passat between 10pm June 20th and 12:15pm June 21st. She parked her vehicle on Wood St unlocked.

Friday, June 21st - Attempted Burglary, Feronia Way

At approximately 5:57 pm a 42 year old man from Rutherford reported observing a male party open the door to his girlfriend’s 2008 Cherokee and when the individual saw him, he ran off. The man followed the suspect while calling RPD. Officers located the 36 year old male from Newark and it was determined he had opened the car door. Because of a prior record, he was arrested and transported to headquarters and charged with criminal attempt and burglar. He was then transported to Bergen County jail where further investigation revealed he had property in his possession that did not belong to him.

Saturday, June 22nd - General Complaint, Francisco Ave

At approximately 9:58 pm, a caller reported people playing beer pong in the street and setting off fireworks. RPD found a small group outside playing corn hole, not beer pong and informed them they should be on private property. The group stated they would comply.

Sunday, June 23rd - DWI, Beech Street

At approximately 12:12 am, a 39 year old male from Newark in a 2011 Chevy Impreza was stopped by Officer Capoano. The man did not possess a valid driver’s license and only a suspended NJ ID. The license suspension was a result of failing a previous DWI program. He registered a BAC of .15 percent. He received 3 tickets: suspended registration, DWI, and suspended driver’s license.

Sunday, June 23rd - Noise Complaint, Park Ave

An 86 year old female reported loud noises being generated from an apartment above at approximately 7:21 am. Officer Merlo responded and reported hearing nothing even while standing there with the woman. The woman still insisted that she heard the noise. The only thing the officer could hear was a clock ticking. The complainant was advised that she should seek medical attention.

Sunday, June 23rd - Attempted Burglary, Tamblyn Field

At approximately 3:11 pm at Tamblyn Field, a 49 year old male reported that the door to the fieldhouse shed behind home plate was slightly ajar. Responding officers reported that the lock was still attached and secure but it appeared to have been tampered with as if someone had tried to open the shed. Nothing appeared to have been taken but the shed will require repairs.

Sunday, June 23rd - DWI, Park Ave

At approximately 6:08 pm, a citizen informant notified RPD that she observed a woman stumble towards her car, trip over a curb, slam into her vehicle and get into her 2016 Nissan Rogue near Park Ave and Glen Road. The caller then drove around the block and noticed the woman seated in the car with her head tilted. Officer Donovan responded and observed the woman in the driver’s seat, the car running with intent to drive. The 25 year old Bloomfield woman was placed under arrest and it was determined she impersonated her sister and provided her sister’s drivers license to hide the fact she had a suspended license and had 2 recent DWIs. The woman was charged with DWI, operating with suspended drivers license, given criminal complaints for theft of ID and hindering apprehension or prosecution. Her BAC was .26 percent.

Sunday, June 23rd - Theft, Hastings Ave

A 34 year old female stated that earlier that day at 9:45 am she was returning to her Hastings Ave apartment and then departed at 11:00 am. Between arriving and departing, she believes she dropped her Louis Vuitton wallet that contained all of her IDs, credit cards and prescription medication. At 12:40 pm she received an alert for that a transaction for $500 at Target in Clifton took place at 11:40 am using her credit cards. She was also advised of another $1,012.93 pending on her cards at the Target in Clifton. Her Visa card was also used at BJs in East Rutherford with a pending charge of $200. She was advised to call all her credit companies, prescription carrier, pharmacy, and health carriers.

Sunday, June 23rd - Narcan Administered, Eastern Way

At approximately 9:54pm Narcan was deployed by Officer Donovan at a residence on Eastern Way.

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