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Police Blotter-5/31 - 6/9: The noise is coming from inside the house; Smelly propane

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Sunday, June 9th - Suspicious Incident, Darwin Ave

A complainant reported a blue Honda Civic driving slowly and suspiciously on Darwin Ave at approximately 9:16 pm. He stated he tailed the vehicle for a bit before he called RPD. By the time the RPD responded, the vehicle was gone. RPD would like to remind people to call them immediately and before attempting any kind of civilian surveillance.

Saturday, June 8th - Motor Vehicle Theft, Ivy Place

A 38 year old male from Tinton Falls reported his gray 2019 Ram pick up missing. He had parked his vehicle legally in front of a residence on Ivy Place at approximately 10pm the previous evening, June 7th. His friend picked him up and they drove to Hoboken. Upon returning at 10am on June 8th, his vehicle was not there. He had both sets of keys in his

possession and had locked the car. There was no broken glass in the area.

Saturday, June 8th - Intoxicated Person, Park Avenue

While on patrol, Officer Ahearn observed the party on the bench outside of DQ slumped over at 3:21 am. Upon speaking with the individual it was deemed the man was a 64 year old male from Lyndhurst who was intoxicated and had fallen asleep and should not have been out for his own safety. He was transported to his own residence in Lyndhurst.

Saturday, June 8th - Noise Complaint, Park Avenue

At approximately 12:25 am, an 86 year old female contacted the RPD to report her 2nd floor neighbor was generating noise. RPD found the noise to be the complainant’s refrigerator.

Friday, June 7th - Theft, Williams Plaza

At approximately 6:55 pm, a youth was skateboarding with a friend when an older male began to skateboard and talk to them at the Williams Plaza. The youth then walked across the street to purchase something while wearing only his right ear air pod. The left ear air pod was left in a case by his backpack in Williams Plaza. The friend stated he saw no one take it and even emptied his pockets to show. It is not known if the the unknown older male took it as he was gone upon the youths’ return. The unknown man is described as light skinned Hispanic male approximately 20 years old wearing dark colored shorts and a dark colored t-shirt with a dark goatee.

Friday, June 7th - Theft, Orient Way

A 62 year old female who was moving out of her Orient Way apartment with the help of her 61 year old brother from Glen Rock, left 2 bags behind in the building’s lobby. Several hours later, when she asked for the bags which contained her medication, her brother realized he accidentally left them inside the lobby and contacted the superintendent of the building. The Super located the bags but 4 bottles of medication and a Samsung Galaxy tablet were missing. Investigation is ongoing.

Thursday, June 6th - DWI, Meadow Road

At approximately 10:54 pm, RPD observed a silver 2019 Mercedes Benz on a part of the roadway that was closed to construction on Rt 17 South. A 49 year old Hasbrouck Heights male driver was given field sobriety tests and the party was placed under arrest and transported to RPD. The results of his breathalyzer was .12 BAC. He was issued a DWI summons and released to a responsible party under John’s Law.

Thursday, June 6th - Noise Complaint, Montross Ave

At approximately 9:04 pm, a 77 year old female reported an unknown sound in her residence that had her concerned. Officers responded to find the sounds coming from an open laptop in her home. When they closed the laptop, the noise stopped.

Thursday, June 6th - Theft, Memorial Field

A 34 year old female reported that while she was coaching a girls’ softball team, an unknown party stole her Columbia bicycle white with purple decals and a black seat with an orange iPhone holder on its handle bars near Diamond 5 at Memorial Field. She started coaching at approximately 7:00 pm and at 7:40 pm she noticed it missing. She did not observe anyone suspicious in the area. Please contact RPD with any information on the missing bicycle.

Wednesday, June 5th - Property Found, Park Avenue

A 76 year old male contacted RPD after he found an IRS check made out to a 27 year old male from Woodbridge, NJ on Park Ave. After an investigation the RPD contacted the owner of the check who works in Rutherford who retrieved his 2018 income tax refund for over $700.

Wednesday, June 5th - Odor Complaint, Park Avenue

A Park Ave day care contacted RPD at approximately 10:10 am and reported an odor of natural gas. The Fire Department determined it was coming from a propane tank in the back of a yard nearby. Members of the Fire Department entered the yard and turned off the tank.

Wednesday, June 5th - Odor Complaint, Ridge Road

At approximately 9:27 am RPD and the Fire Department responded to an odor complaint and determined the propane tank of a grill had been left with its valve left open.

Tuesday, June 4th - Dispute, Rt 3 West

At 11:23 pm, 911 reported a dispute between a 23 year old Uber driver from Astoria, NY and his fare, a 59 year old female from Wayne. They were arguing over which highway the driver was taking. After discussing the situation and the most direct route with officers on scene, both the driver and passenger became satisfied with taking Rt 3 to Wayne.

Tuesday, June 4th - Suspicious Vehicle, Sylvan Street

At approximately 8:20 pm a male from Rutherford reported that his children were playing outside when a white vehicle approached the children and threw dollar bills out the vehicle’s window, then stated to the children “we left some money for you” and drove away. The vehicle was occupied by what is believed to be 5 teenagers. Scared, the children ran into their backyard and alerted their father who contacted RPD. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. RPD remained in the area with negative results. There was no attempt to lure the children and it appears to have been teenagers acting immaturely.

Tuesday, June 4th - Suspicious Person, Darwin Ave

A 49 year old female reported that she observed a male with traffic vest soliciting door to door without a permit. RPD responded and the individual, who was working for a company called Power Home Remodeling Group from Fairfield, NJ, was advised on how to get a permit for solicitation. He was advised if he did it again he’d received a summons.

Tuesday, June 4th - Found Property, Union Ave

A 38 year old resident found a wallet on the ground in a private parking lot in an apartment complex on Union Avenue next to the rear drivers side tire of a 2016 Infiniti. Believing it may belong to the owner of the vehicle, he left a note on the car windshield. After 2 days and no response, he contacted RPD. RPD found that the wallet contained approximately $1300 cash. After an investigation, the owner was properly identified and she was able to retrieve her property. The owner so grateful for the assistance and results of the investigation that she bought the RPD lunch that day.

Monday, June 3rd - Theft, Carneer Ave

At approximately 9:45 pm a 60 year old male on Clark Court was seen standing outside his apartment yelling for no apparent reason. Officers were dispatched and noted upon arrival that resident was heading inside for the night and was advised he should not be causing a disturbance.

Monday, June 3rd - Theft, Carneer Ave

A 39 year old female reported an unknown person stole her blue recycling garbage that had been issued by the borough. Its approximate value is $100. She did not become aware of it missing until 7:30 am on June 3rd. She did review her video surveillance to find a vehicle stop in front of her house at 2 am on the same morning but it did not show anyone exiting the car.

Monday, June 3rd - Theft, Chestnut Street

A 48 year old male reported his bicycle stolen. On May 26th at approximately 2 pm he realized his black bicycle with white colored brake cables was missing from his property. The bicycle was left leaning against a garden hose reel on the side of the residence, not secured. Around the same time he observed a strange mountain bike leaning against his home but didn’t think anything of it because he wasn’t sure if it belonged to his son’s friends. The mountain bike was gone the next day.

Monday, June 3rd - Criminal Mischief, Park Avenue

A 62 year owner of a blue 2005 Jeep Cherokee reported an unknown party caused his tires to go flat. The vehicle was parked in the rear of building on the 400 block of Park Ave. Other cars have been damaged in the area in previous months. He parked in his designated parking space, as he does each day, and on June 1st at approximately 5 pm. He observed it was flat on June 3rd. This was not the first time his vehicle was damaged. It happened 2 weeks ago while parked in front of the apartment building on the east side of the street.

Sunday, June 2nd - Suspicious Vehicle, Orient Way

A 41 year old resident reported a 2001 4 door Cadillac Deville was parked in front of her residence for a week with its windows down through multiple rain storms. An operator of the car was contacted and he said he would be moving the vehicle.

Saturday, June 1st - Suspicious Person, Montross Avenue

A Rutherford male resident described seeing a male in his 60’s wearing a sleeveless shirt and medium colored blue jeans walking onto Montross Ave from East Rutherford carrying what appeared to be a firearm in his waistband. Officers responded and found it to be a 70 year old male from Wallington who was carrying a cell phone holder.

Saturday, June 1st - Property Found, Lincoln Park

An unknown person located a bracelet in Lincoln Park on June 1. The bracelet is described as beaded and two-tone. Contact RPD if you believe this to be yours and can accurately describe it.

Friday, May 31st - Unregistered Vehicle, West Park Place

At approximately 6:39 pm Officer Lindov noticed a white 4 door Honda 4 Pilot at the corner of West Park Place and Park Ave parked within 25 feet of a crosswalk and jeopardizing pedestrian safety. A computer check done prior to issuance of a ticket showed the vehicle with an expired registration since 2016. The vehicle was impounded and released on June 1 after being properly registered.

Friday, May 31st - Fraud, Park Avenue

A 42 year old female reported that after mailing a $50 check on Sunday, May 19th, payable to Bank of America, she was notified by Bank of America that the check was deposited in Virginia for the amount of $5,016 and made payable to the order of Xavier Foxe. She had placed it in the mailbox on Sylvan St south of Spring Dell.

Friday, May 31st - Criminal Mischief, Edwin L. Ward Memorial Highway

A 62 year old female who has resided at the Extended Stay America for 2 years reported damage found to her 2017 Chevy Cruise. She parked on May 30th at 11:30 pm in the parking lot and when she came out at 6:00 am on May 31st, she put her car in reverse and had difficulty pulling out of the spot. She noticed she had a flat front passenger side tire and damaged rim. She also found a note on her windshield that said “nice parking job, you stupid b*tch” which appeared to be written on a piece of ripped folder. She noted that when she originally pulled into the space, the vehicle that had been next to hers was parked slightly over the lines, causing her to do the same. It appeared her vehicle’s tire was punctured by a sharp, smooth object about 2 inches long. On May 30th RPD had taken a report on a different vehicle whose window had been smashed. That vehicle had been parked over the lines as well.

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