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Police Blotter 11/2-11/11: He stated he would go home after his toy handcuffs were removed

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Sunday, November 10 - Harassment, Mortimer Ave

At approximately 4:47pm a 42 year old female reported a group walking in front of her home and yelling at her “bitch.” The group continued south and officers were able to locate the group which was uncooperative. A second unit dispatched and identified 2 Rutherford juveniles, and 18 year old Rutherford man and a 19 year old man from another town. The group became cooperative and left without incident.

Sunday, November 10 - Aid and Assist, Route 17 North

At approximately 1:33 pm East Rutherford Police alerted surrounding towns to a possibly intoxicated male wearing jeans and a jacket walking on Rt 3 West near the Rt 17 ramp. Officer Batchelor observed the party and located the male and offered him a courtesy transport to the Rutherford train station. He was not intoxicated.

Saturday, November 9 - DWI, Rt 3 East

At approximately 2:12 am, while on patrol, Officer Beatini observed a 2018 black Porsche stopped in the left lane of Rt 3 with the driver asleep behind the wheel and the vehicle in drive. After investigation and field sobriety tests, the 31 year old male driver from Hoboken was placed under arrest for DWI and issued a summons for DWI and delaying traffic. His BAC test results were .17% and .18%. The vehicle was towed and the man was released to a responsible party

Friday, November 8 - Simple Assault, Rt 17 North

A 41 year old female from Belleville reported being the victim of simple assault during a road rage incident on west-bound Rt 3 after she noticed a vehicle tailgating her and her husband. The vehicle attempted to cut them off, causing her husband who was driving to slam on the brakes to avoid collision. He got on Rt 17 north and the same vehicle continued to cut them off and appeared to be trying to run them off the road. At the traffic light at Rt 17 North and Highland Cross, they stopped at a red light. Both the husband and wife state the other driver exited their vehicle carrying a bluetooth speaker in her hand struck the husband with her open hand. The Belleville woman advised the other driver they had a small child in the car. The passenger of the other car exited and put her hands around the wife’s neck in an attempt to choke her and broke her glasses during the assault. As the light changed, everyone got back into their vehicles and the Belleville couple dialed 911 while driving on Rt 17. The dispatcher advised the Belleville couple to pull over but they were unable to pull over safely as the other vehicle tried to run them off the road. The couple responded to RPD later in the day to report the incident and contact was made to the other driver who stated she was driving safely. She told RPD that it was her who was cut off by the Belleville couple, who were slamming on their breaks. She denies striking the husband and/or having contact with the wife. She did not at any point hit their vehicle with a speaker as accused. All 3 parties were advised how to sign complaints.

Friday, November 8 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

At approximately 12:17 am a 30 year old male from Rutherford reported a male with red shorts walking around the area with handcuffs on. Officers located the party on the street who confirmed he was wearing toy handcuffs and doing it as a “joke.” His name was run through the system and no outstanding warrants were found. The party was advised he may cause the public to become panicked. He stated he would go home after his toy handcuffs were removed.

Thursday, November 7 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

A 20 year old female from Passaic called at approximately 12:38 pm to report a suspicious man standing outside of the Bank of America. She reported that she had seen the same man multiple times in the same location. RPD was dispatched and spoke to the man who works for a private parking company that was hired by Bank of America to patrol the parking lot.

Wednesday, November 6 - Burglary, Wheaton Place

A 59 year old man from Rutherford reported someone broke into his 2004 Honda CRV during the weekend and stole his wallet. After he began receiving suspicious charges on his debit card, he went to check the vehicle, where he had placed his wallet on October 30th and noticed it was no longer there. The charges, totalling over $350 began on November 3 at stores in and around Kearny and a $70 overdraft charge. The man was unsure what if anything else was taken but was provided with stolen property report.

Tuesday, November 5 - Dispute, Route 17

A caller to 911 reported a man was punched in the face at a car dealer in Rutherford by two men attempting to rob him. RPD dispatched to what was assumed to be the correct auto dealer on Route 17, but was unable to locate any parties. After playing back the recorded conversation, it was determined the incident actually happened at Jersey Motors in Teterboro and out of Rutherford’s jurisdiction.

Tuesday, November 5 - Dispute, Hackett Place

At approximately 5:02 pm a 911 caller reported a party forcibly entered their building. Officers responded and located all involved parties and RDP determined there was only a miscommunication. The caller stated a male party entered the building even after being told to contact management as the caller did not observe a working key to the building. The male party stated he had a set of keys which the officer observed and needed to enter to change a smoke detector in his father-in-law’s apartment. The man stated he explained this to the caller who did not understand.

Tuesday, November 5 - Aid and Assist, Highland Cross

A 42 year old DPW employee reported a lost and confused party in a white vehicle near DPW property. RPD spoke with an 83 year old male from Garfield who was lost in the area and provided him directions on how to get to where he was going. No further assistance was required.

Tuesday, November 5 - Suspicious Vehicle, Insley Ave

A 61 year old male caller reported who reported a 1996 Ford Mustang convertible parked across the street with someone living inside. RPD responded and saw the vehicle had a tarp over a damaged convertible roof and did not appear to have anyone living inside it. RPD chalked the vehicle for the 5 day ordinance and would follow up.

Monday, November 4 - Aid and Assist, Park ave

At approximately 10:53 pm a 33 year old male caller reported he was unable to locate his 2016 Nissan Altima that he had left on Park Ave. Officers dispatched were able to locate his vehicle on Ames Ave.

Monday, November 4 - Suspicious Incident, Station Square

At approximately 12:55 pm a caller reported a suspicious duffle bag in front of Risotto House. RPD located a large black bag unattended. It contained various groceries. The owner of the bag exited a store and claimed the item. She stated she left the bag outside while she used a restroom inside. The items were returned to her.

Sunday, November 3 - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

At approximately 8:08 pm an 18 year old female called to report a male party in the area of Park and Ames Aves driving a newer model dark SUV but she was unable to provide a license plate. She reported that the man wore all dark clothing and a ski mask and as she was going to her vehicle she observed the party at the rear of his vehicle putting on something that resembled a vest. Then he got into his vehicle and left the scene going south bound on Park Ave playing loud music. The party was gone upon RPD’s arrival. RPD checked the immediate area checked with negative results and is following up with local businesses for surveillance footage.

Sunday, November 3 - Narcan Administered, Chestnut Street

At approximately 1:06 pm an Uber driver reported a passenger not feeling well in his car. RDP located the vehicle returning from Newark with a Rutherford resident who was experiencing a drug overdose in the back seat. Two doses of Narcan were provided pending ambulance arrival. Officer Hein contacted the opioid overdose recovery program and advised them that Narcan had been administered and name of facility where the resident was transported.

Sunday, November 3 - Burglary, Wheaton Place

A 32 year old female reported that sometime during the past two to three days someone made entry to her 2014 Ford Escape. She stated that she had parked in her driveway at approximately 4pm on November 1and at approximately 6:30 pm on November 3 she entered her vehicle and noticed her console and glove compartment were opened. She also noticed her front passenger side door was ajar. Aviator glasses valued at $150 were missing as well as $15 in quarters in the console. She was certain she locked for the vehicle but there were no signs of forced entry. The caller moved the vehicle prior to police arrival so no evidentiary value could be obtained.

Saturday, November 2 - Noise Complaint, Lincoln Ave

At approximately 4:32 am a caller from Wheaton Place reported the sound of a barking dog coming from the rear of a residence believed to be on Lincoln Ave. The caller stated the dog had been barking since 1:00 am. Officers dispatched located the dog collared and chained and made contact with the owner who stated they were unaware that the dog was out of the house and would bring it in. There was no record of past noise complaints or animal abuse at this address.

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