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Police Blotter 11/12-11/15: The 35 Year Old Man's Shoes Were Returned

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This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Friday, November 15 - Fraud, Felician Way

A 22 year old male caller reported being defrauded of $2,900 after applying for an administrative personal assistant position through for a company called “IDLLM.” He received an email from a person identifying themselves as Scott who he believed to be a rep from the company addressing what type of work he’d be doing and the salary. The email also requested several pieces of information, such as the victim’s home address, mobile number, full name and whether or not he has a bank account. After providing all the requested information, the caller received a response from “Scott” requesting the caller perform errands for him with the promise of a certified check delivered by his financial manager. The check arrived on Nov. 12 in the amount of $2900. The victim then deposited that into his Chase bank account. Scott then instructed him to use the money from the check to purchase Bitcoin, and attempted to do so at 3 locations without success. The caller contacted Scott at 973-795-7207 and he advised him he was unable to purchase the Bitcoin. Scott informed him he should take his previously determined weekly pay of $510 out of the $2900 deposit, then Scott requested that the victim deposit the remaining balance into a specific CapitalOne bank account with the name of Dave Osinski with an Arlington, Texas address. The victim spoke to Scott over text messages to say he had done so. On November 15 he noticed $2,900 had been taken from his personal account. Chase advised the amount was removed from the account because the initial check had been returned, thus putting the party’s account into negative. Chase Bank opened a fraud investigation and will be filing a claim on the victim’s behalf. He was provided an ID theft pamphlet, advised to monitor all accounts, stop giving out personal information and not to apply for jobs online that seem too good to be true.

Thursday, November 14 - Suspicious Incident, Highland Cross

At approximately 7:09 pm a 42 year old female reported seeing a light flickering in a vacant home. RPD determined the home had a gas fireplace that had been left on. The owner was contacted and stated he’d have it shut off.

Thursday, November 14 - Suspicious Vehicle, Wood Street

At approximately 11:21 am a caller reported 2 suspicious vehicles parked outside her home. The first car, a red Hyundai, had been parked when a second vehicle, a black Mazda, pulled up and its occupants got out and got into the Hyundai. Officers dispatched spoke to the parties who were 4 male Rutherford residents between the ages of 18-20 who stated they decided to hang out there before classes at Bergen Community.

Thursday, November 14 - Suspicious Incident, Jackson ave

At approximately 2:15 am a 91 year old female reported people in her backyard and basement. The woman has made similar calls to the RPD in the past which have always been unfounded. Officers checked the property and house putting the owner’s mind at ease. The woman’s family was contacted and asked to check on her.

Wednesday, November 13 - Criminal Mischief, Montross Ave

A 30 year old male caller reported that between 9:00 pm on November 12 and 7:00 am on November 13 an unknown party poured baking soda or powder all over his truck. He reported he doesn’t have any disputes with anyone at this time.

Wednesday, November 13 - Suspicious Incident, Kip Garage

At approximately 8:34 pm a 20 year old male reported an abandoned cooler in the Kip parking lot. He believed it to be suspicious but didn’t indicate why. Officer Scott Ahearn located it and found it full with water and disposed of it.

Wednesday, November 13 - Suspicious Incident, West Passaic Ave

A 28 year old female reported their basement and side yard were flooded. Officers reported the hose on the side of the house had frozen and burst and caused the leak.

Wednesday, November 13 - Dispute, Union Ave

At approximately 3:15 pm a 35 year old male from West Orange reported his shoes had been taken by his friend, a 62 year old man from East Orange. The shoes were located by Officer Donavan and returned to complainant.

Wednesday, November 13 - Suspicious Person, Train Station

At approximately 8:20 am a 57 year old female wished to make a complaint about a homeless male sleeping in the train station overnight. The man was located by RPD and identified as a 42 year old man who is currently homeless, with a last known address in Hackensack. He was told told he cannot sleep in the train station and he stated he understood. A check of his name revealed this has happened before. He was provided with information for homeless shelters.

Tuesday, November 12 - Noise Complaint, Park Ave

At approximately 9:20 pm an 87 year old female reported her 2nd floor tenant making noise. Officer Hein responded and reported that the hallways were quiet and the complaint was deemed unfounded.

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