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Police Blotter - January

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Thursday, January 31st - Robbery, West Van Ness

A 20 year old West Van Ness resident reported having been robbed and assaulted after attempting to sell her Moncler winter jacket valued at $2000 to a person she met on She initially agreed to meet the buyer at Krausers on Park Ave where he gave her $900 in cash. She then took the cash and return to her home to retrieve the jacket when she noticed that the money was counterfeit as it was printed on computer paper and she could smell ink. She then contacted him and called off the transaction. Approximately 5 minutes later she was contacted by person she believed to be a different buyer interested in purchasing the jacket. She gave that person her neighbor’s address and agreed to meet them. Upon his arrival, the victim went outside to meet the buyer but realized it was the same person as the initial buyer. At this point the assailant forcefully gained entrance to her home and the victim stated she was choked and struck in the head during an altercation. The individual who robbed and assaulted her is described as a black male between 17-21 years old wearing a red Gucci headband and left going eastbound, possibly driving a black Kia sedan. There may have been a second individual involved - a white male in a white sedan. The victim refused medical attention at the scene.

Thursday, January 31st - Criminal Mischief, Memorial Field

A park ranger reported that someone damaged a sink in the men’s bathroom in Memorial Field. Photos were taken and documented. No other damage reported. Incident is believed to have happened between 3-6pm on January 31. The men’s bathroom was secured pending repairs and DPW notified.

Wednesday, January 30th - Property Damage, East Pierrepont

Caller observed a blue car strike a young tree and a No Parking sign. The blue car then left the scene. Dispatched officers noted the damage at East Pierrepont and Mountain Way.

Wednesday, January 30th - Attempted Burglary, Extended Stay Hotel

An Extended Stay Hotel caller from North Bergen observed two males make entry to a white Mercedes Benz GLC white in the parking lot. Complainant stated he waited until the two males left in their own vehicle before calling. At time of report it was unknown if anything was taken. The Mercedes’s owner was located and confirmed that they were staying at the hotel. The caller videotaped the incident while walking his dog which showed the two men getting into a white Durango with what turned out to be fictitious license plates.

Tuesday, January 29th - Verbal Dispute, Clark Court:

Caller reported she parked briefly in someone else’s assigned parking space and the party it belongs to blocked her in. The parties settled their dispute.

Tuesday, January 29th - Suspicious Incident, Hastings Avenue:

A caller reported a pressure cooker left in a dumpster at Hastings Village. Officer Ahearn reported that it appeared to be an empty, discarded pressure cooker and was not dangerous.

Saturday, January 26th - Motor Vehicle Theft, Carmita Ave:

A caller reported her red, two door 2001 Toyota Celica missing on Carmita north of Union Ave. On January 25th at 7:30 pm she asked her son to retrieve something from the car and the son stated the vehicle was missing. The owner didn’t report it until January 26th at 10am. Officers checked the surrounding area to negative results. RPD automated license plater reader caught the car going out of town at 8:16 am on January 25th hours and did not return. Caller reported the key to the car was on drivers side car mat and the car was left unlocked. It was recovered in Paterson on the 26th.

Friday, January 25th - DWI, Union and Crane Aves:

Officer Steinel stopped a silver 2007 GMC Acadia operated by a 41 year old Rutherford resident 41 years old male for improper passing on Thomas E. Dunn Memorial Highway (service road off Rt 3). He detected an odor of alcohol eminating from the driver’s breath whose behavior also appeared impaired. Field tests proved impairment but the man refused breath samples. He had slurred speech and was rambling. He denied drinking and stated he was traveling directly from work to home. Asked if he had any physical deformities to impair his field sobriety, he stated he did not. He was brought into headquarters under arrest, refused his right to remain silent and became belligerent and profane with officers. He stated he could not wait to meet the officer outside when he was off duty. The driver was given summonses for improper passing, unregistered vehicle, DWI, and refusal to submit to breath tests.

Thursday, January 24th - West Gouverneur Ave:

A 30 year old female stated she was victim of email scam and defrauded out of $750. She received an email from unknown source encouraging her to complete survey at the Walgreens in Carlstadt and would be paid $248. She stated she received it as a forward from a friend but exact origin of the email is unknown. It said if she completes a review of Walgreens she’d receive a check for $998. Upon depositing the check, she’d need to purchase $750 in gift cards and email photos of the gift cards with pin scratched off and keep the remaining $248 as profit. She did all as instructed. Following the clearing of the check into her TD bank account, she sent the images to and The next morning she realized the check that appeared to have cleared was now voided and $998 removed from her account. TD bank said the check had insufficient funds and filed a dispute on her behalf for the missing money. A check into the mail addresses yielded negative results and TD bank will further the investigation.

Thursday, January 24th - Fraud, Winslow Place:

Complainant reports someone opened multiple credit reports in his wife’s name, which they learned through credit monitoring software. An unknown individual attempted to open numerous accounts in her name. Credit monitoring believed her Social Security number had been stolen. Identify theft protection information was provided by the RPD

Wednesday, January 23rd - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave:

Victim reports the passenger side tires of his car deflated again, explained to RPD there have been similar incidents in the past.

Wednesday, January 23rd - CDS Paraphernalia, Montross Ave:

A public school employee found what is believed to be liquid THC vials on the ground. Lincoln School staff found open packages of THC packets near school grounds on grass, taken into possession by RPD, principal notified.

Tuesday, January 22nd - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave:

Victim stated early afternoon Saturday, Jan 19th, his wife parked their 2014 white Honda CRV in front of 397 Park Ave. At 10:47 am, Monday, Jan 21 the wife noticed the driver side mirror broken and later noticed both passenger side tires flattened. This vehicle had been vandalized numerous times in the past on north bound side of Park. Victim stated no issues with people in neighborhood. Officer Walker did a canvas of the area, nothing suspicious.

Monday, January 21st - Criminal Mischief, Mailbox at Union Ave. and Darwin Ave:

The Rutherford Post Office reported unknown parties forced entry into a mailbox at Union and Darwin Ave. A mail carrier noticed pry marks on the mailbox and it only contained 5 pieces of mail on the 21st of January at 2:42 pm. The last pickup prior to that was the morning of Jan 19 2019. The USPS Supervisor stated they’d take the mailbox out of service and the scene was processed. A neighbor stated he observed a mailbox access door ajar on January 20th at approximately 9 am . An unknown party pried open the access door using an object approximately .5 in wide, possibly large screwdriver or pry bar. At this time it is impossible to know how many pieces of mail were removed. A canvas of the area returned negative results.

Saturday, January 19th - Suspicious Person:

72 year old Elycroft Pkwy resident who resides with 21 year old granddaughter reported a suspicious male party outside the residence asking for granddaughter by name. He had a silver colored sedan and medium skin tone. A check of the area showed no results.

Saturday, January 19th - Disorderly Conduct, Park Ave:

A 20 year old female from Lodi who works at a location on Park Ave reported that an unknown white male in his 30's wearing black pants masturbated in front of her then left the store. No suspects located.

Saturday, January 19th - Burglary and Theft , Vanderburgh Ave:

A 2004 4-door Toyota Corolla was reported burgled. It was parked unlocked on the 18th but the owner did not notice it had been rummaged through until Jan. 19th at 9pm . It was determined a $2 bill had been removed from the center console but other items of value untouched.

Saturday, January 19th - DWI, Rt 3:

A 25 year-old male from Jersey City was observed driving a 1997 Plymouth Wagon Voyager by Officer Batchelor traveling east on Rt 3 with headlights out and a missing driver side rim and tire. He stopped the vehicle on Rt 3 and observed the odor of alcohol from the driver. The operator was removed from the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. He was unsteady on his feet and had bloodshot eyes. He was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. 2 breath samples resulted in a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.18. He was charged with DWI and driving with a suspended license. Released on Johns Law to a responsible party.

Saturday, January 19th - Suspicious Person, Union and Darwin Avenues:

A caller reported a male party in his underwear walking on Union Ave towards Passaic. Person was gone upon RDP’s arrival.

Thursday January 17th - Theft, Station Square:

A 53 year old Rutherford resident parked his bicycle at Station Square at app 5:30 pm - when he returned at 6pm the bicycle was gone. He stated he did not lock the bicycle - it is a “Phat” brand, black and red with 16” white wall tires valued at app $200.

Wednesday January 16th - Fraud, Elycroft Pkwy:

A 50 year old male Elycroft Pkwy resident was scammed out of $350. He noticed a fraudulent charge from Apple for $10/month for a drop box. He was not aware he had it on his phone, performed google search for Apple and found what turned out to be a fraudulent phone number 877-608-9194. He called and an unknown woman advised him his cell phone had been hacked and needed an activation code. He was advised to purchase a $100 iTunes gift card and provide her with the numbers. An unknown male party then contacted him claiming to be the woman’s supervisor, advised the victim’s phone was more severely hacked than originally thought and to purchase $250 google play gift cards and provide him with the numbers on the cars. He was also advised another $250 gift cards were needed to be given the activation code at which point he realized he was victim of a scam. He contacted Apple and Google and was told his accounts will be reimbursed.

Monday, January 14th - CDS Possession, Felician Way:

After witnessing speeding on Union Ave, Officer Donovan caught up to vehicle driven by an 18 year old female from Newark on Felician Way. He smelled burnt marijuana. A voluntary search of vehicle yielded marijuana and paraphernalia. The driver was processed and released on summons for careless driving and improper plates, possession with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of school zone.

Monday, January 14th - Burglary, Sylvan St:

On Sylvan St. near Highland Cross it was reported that $40, cigars and sunglasses went missing from an unlocked vehicle overnight. The caller unfortunately did not contact police until hours after discovering the incident so fingerprints could not be taken. (RPD advises to report such things immediately, don’t touch anything to preserve fingerprints)

Sunday, January 13th - Fraud, West Erie Ave:

A 61-year old West Erie resident said he was contacted by a man identifying himself as Daniel Moore from the Social Security Dept. and requested his social security number. He was then transferred to a man identifying himself as Johnny McCoy, Federal Agent, who said arrest warrants are out for him because of a car found with drugs registered to victims social security number. He was directed to go to Walgreens in Carlstadt and would receive directions. Victim became suspicious and called police.

Sunday, January 13th - Criminal Mischief, Fairview Ave:

Concrete slabs in front of The Women's Club had graffiti written in the newly poured concrete. No suspects.

Friday, January 11th - Theft, East Pierrepont:

A resident reported a package delivered to her residence and its contents, a $19 sterling silver necklace ordered online, had been removed. She observed the unopened package in her mail slot at 1:30 pm and after returning several hours later it was ripped open.

Friday, January 11th - Verbal Dispute, Wendy's Rt 17 South:

Officer Caughey responded to a verbal dispute over free refills between two females in the Wendys drive-thru. The dispute was settled at the time.

Thursday, January 10th - Robbery, Ames Ave:

Victim reports being robbed knife point on Ames Ave. by 4 African American males and one female in a gold Chevy Malibu after agreeing to meet at 23 Ames Ave to sell his iPhone XS Max online for $1050. A struggle over the phone ensued. The victim was struck in head with a knife handle, the female passenger jumped in, and the victim was dragged toward Park Ave. The suspects were not found but the phone was found discarded in East Rutherford.

Thursday, January 10th - Harassment, Montross Ave:

A resident says an unknown party had been ringing and running from their home but recently had egged their front steps. A Ring camera showed white male, black hooded sweatshirt, black cut off gloves approaching the house multiple times.

Wednesday, January 9th - Fraud:

An 86-year old male responded to headquarters complaining of a call from an unknown number during which a male voice said he worked for Social Security and was asked for the last 4 digits of his social. He was then told an abandoned vehicle was found down south with drugs in it in his name. In order to make restitution he needed to buy $1500 of gift cards or the FBI will arrest him. He did not comply. He was advised to monitor his financial accounts and given identity theft protection information by the RPD.

Tuesday, January 8th - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave:

2 vehicles were reported to be vandalized approximately 8 times in past few months. Complainant resides in the downtown area of Park Ave and noticed a rear windshield wiper ripped off, keyed, deflated tires, knocked off mirrors.

Monday, January 7th - DWI, Union Ave:

An initial report of motor vehicle crash near Union and Darwin Avenues determined a 32-year old female driver from Clifton crashed into park car. She was unsteady and slow of speech and failed a field sobriety test with a blood alcohol content of .14 (.08 BAC or higher is the  current legal limit in NJ when you are deemed impaired). She was arrested for DWI and transported to headquarters. Her vehicle was impounded by Nick's Towing. She was given multiple summonses, released under John's Law to a responsible party.

Monday, January 7th - Fraud:

A Jackson Ave resident complained about receiving numerous phone calls from unknown numbers during which an unknown party had tricked him to provide social and drivers license number. He did not provide his banking info and was given identity theft prevention information by the RPD.

Monday, January 7th - Suspicious Vehicle, Memorial Field:

Just after midnight, P.O. Steinel observed a person seated on roof of moving vehicle. After stopping the vehicle, he issued issued the 18 year old driver two summonses for reckless driving and unclear license plates.

Sunday, January 6th - Suspicious Vehicle, Rt. 17:

Complainant reports that upon parking his car at Union & Bryant Court, an unknown person got out of his vehicle and punched him in the chest. He punched back and fled. Complainant believes it was related to an earlier driving disagreement.

Saturday, January 5th - Simple Assault, Felician University Gym:

A dispute between two female players at a school sponsored youth sports event took place resulting in one player being arrested and transported to headquarters where she received a summons and was released. RPD was dispatched to Felician on report of altercation and met by university security who pointed out parties were still sitting in stands. The incident resulted in altercation which happened during the game when the two players in question dove for a ball, and during the struggle one player started punching the other. No fouls called. Multiple people ran onto the court to break it up. Video that was produced from the game being filmed shows coaches and players separating parties, one girl being pulled away by teammates and landing a blow to the other. Because of video and witness statement, one was arrested the other brought to headquarters for photos.

Friday, January 4th - Controlled Dangerous Substance on Meadow Road:

A search warrant was issued by a Superior Court judge after probable cause was determined related to an ongoing criminal investigation. Bergen County SWAT, Passaic Police Dept (part of on going investigation), and East Rutherford Police Dept. A warrant was executed, no injuries. Two arrests were made: 24 year old male from Garfield and a 22 from Newark and charged with charged with controlled substance and paraphernalia. Rutherford DPW secured the door after the incident. A third arrest was made of an individual under 21 and charged with underage alcohol possession.

Tuesday, January 1st - Narcan Administered:

A 22 year old male - unresponsive with labored breathing and low pulse - was found in the bedroom of their residence on Feronia Way and required 2 doses Narcan administered by RPD Officers Merlo and Callan. Once the was person fully conscious and able to communicate, he was evaluated by paramedics and taken to Hackensack University Medical Center.

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