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Officer Ahearn Helps Save A Life While Off-Duty

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

by Kim Bogosian

Officer Scott Ahearn Photo Credit: Sgt. Julie Ziegler

A quiet dinner quickly became something more on Saturday, June 22nd for Rutherford Police Officer Scott Ahearn while dining at Outback Steakhouse in Rochelle Park with his 17 year old daughter, Skylar.

As Officer Ahearn recalls, Skylar noticed a woman in distress at a nearby table. At that point Officer Ahearn saw a young lady laying on the floor with her family surrounding her. As he approached to offer help, he realized she was in the middle of a seizure. He witnessed her breathing deteriorate rapidly and within moments she was not breathing at all. At this point off-duty Saddle River firefighter, Gregory Pink, who was also dining there, approached Officer Ahearn and asked if he could assist. Together they performed CPR for approximately 15 minutes until medics and ambulance showed. An AED, or automated external defibrillator, was used twice after medics arrived . The woman was transported to Hackensack and is expected to survive.

Although not all medical emergencies end on a positive note, Officer Ahearn is extremely happy this one did and that his daughter was able to witness it. While watching the incident unfold, Skylar kept her cool and tried to move other diners out of the area so that responders would have room to work. Perhaps quick thinking runs in the family.


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