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Life Off the Yoga Mat

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Recently Rutherford resident Jill Rodriguez, Health, Yoga, and Nutrition Coach, launched a new website that outlines the services that she provides, information about her background and training, as well as instructional videos. This is Rutherford spoke with Jill about her new business venture and her journey to live a happy, fulfilled life.

TIR: How does Health Coaching benefit those who you coach?

Jill Rodriguez: As a Health Coach, I focus on helping women in their 40’s shed weight and change their eating habits to suit who they are now, not who they were before having kids or when they were in their 30’s. There is a shift at this age, and it creeps up on us. Women get to a point where they are eating, exercising and continuing with the same habits and patterns they have always had, but they no longer work for them. It comes out in their weight, their energy, their aches and pains.

TIR: How does coaching others to live a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle help you in your own life?

JR: I feel a positive pressure to practice what I preach. My job is to research healthy eating and home cooking. I learn so much from others facing roadblocks that it helps me examine my own. It’s not about these changes being easy, it’s about how fulfilling it is to overcome the obstacles that are so draining.

TIR: What do you think some of the biggest obstacles are for people who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

JR: The biggest obstacles I see people face is lack of time and motivation to prepare food and to fit regular exercise into a busy schedule. If you work full time, you don’t want to spend your weekend grocery shopping and prepping food, you want to spend it with your family. Adding in exercise can be a drag when you don’t enjoy it. Looking at these things on the surface is futile, it’s not motivating to do either if you don’t want to. We peel back some layers to look at what you really want to change and why. Without the why, exercise and eating healthy is just another annoying thing we are “supposed” to do.

TIR: How do the health coaching programs that you provide (Get Going in 3 Sessions, Keep Moving in 6 Sessions and All In for 12 sessions) make it easier for people to make healthy changes in their lives?

JR: We have lots of ideas, plans and goals that float around in our heads. With these varied programs, there is a place for everyone. Together, we focus on a specific goal and make very realistic changes that we measure to keep you on track. You go into it knowing what you are going to get out of it.

TIR: Tell us more about your Instagram and Facebook pages. How can they help support those who are seeking guidance regarding nutrition, exercise and emotional well-being?

JR: Everything we see, follow and like on social media seeps into other parts of our lives. We follow people that are inspiring to us and are in line with the direction in which we want our lives to go. If you looked at my Instagram feed, you could write a narrative about me and I could do the same for you. What we are drawn to is a reflection of what we seek more of. I am hoping to spread the idea of healthy eating and increasing activity, especially with yoga. This may have a ripple effect and inspire someone to buy a new vegetable at the grocery store or check out a yoga class that they have always wanted to take.

TIR: Your website and social media pages include instructional yoga and cooking videos, how do you hope individuals utilize those videos to better reach their goals?

JR: When you go to my website, Life off the Yoga Mat, there is a pop-up box to subscribe and receive a Free 3 Day Detox with Meal Plan and grocery list. This can be used any way that aligns with your goals right now. While visiting my website, it is easy to find healthy food and recipe inspiration as we change seasons and reminders about of all the things you can add to your grocery list outside of the usual. You can actually do the 3 Day Detox to reset your body and mind for the season ahead.

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored TIR Post. Jill Rodriguez hired TIR to build her a website and provide social media support. We hope TIR readers benefit from Jill's message of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle as we know we definitely learned a lot from her while working on her new business website!

Contact TIR if you're interested in sponsorship opportunities. We offer many types of services and would love to help support local small businesses with their websites, social media presence and help them create a marketing campaign right here in our town.

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