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National Youth Art Month

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Pictured above: Councilmen Ray Guzman and Mark Goldsack, Mayor Frank Nunziato, Councilmen Eddie Narucki, Co-Presidents of the Rutherford Arts Council, Katie Pippin and Valky Duran, Councilman Tom Mullahey, and Councilwoman Maria Begg-Roberson.

On Monday, March 9th, Mayor Frank Nunziato declared March as National Youth Art Month in Rutherford. National Youth Art Month raises awareness of the importance of art and art education and increases community, business, and government support for art programs.

“The Rutherford Arts Council seeks to create a community-driven artistic program to its residents. Arts programs benefit the community in many ways, including providing learning and volunteering opportunities for children who aren't interested in sports,” according to the Rutherford Arts Council website.

President of the Rutherford Arts Council, Katie Pippin, explained, “On behalf of the Junior Woman’s Club of Rutherford and the Rutherford Arts Council, I am thrilled to receive this proclamation from the Mayor and Council. Rutherford seems to be ramping up its commitment to the arts, which is such a benefit for our kids. I look forward to continued community engagement with arts programming and events in town.”

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