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Memorial Day 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

By Jennifer Ersalesi and Kim Bogosian

Photo credit: Kim Bogosian

Back to front: Robert Hansen (holding wreath), John Chrzanowski, Charles Gunn, and William Galloway

At 10:00 am, Monday, May 25th, Post Commanders of American Legion Post 109, American Legion Post 453, VFW Post 227 and Marine Corps League 710, members of the Rutherford Police Department, Volunteer Ambulance Department and Mayor and Council observed Memorial Day with the throwing of a wreath into the Passaic River at the Union Avenue Bridge. Charles Gunn led the service alongside William Galloway, Robert Hansen, and John Chrzanowski. The throwing of the wreath is a ceremony that memorializes all of those lost at sea while serving in the military.

John Krysenowski and Robert Hansen throwing the wreath

Charles Gunn introduced William Galloway, the Grand Marshal for the parade that was unable to be held this year due to the pandemic. Gunn told those in attendance more about Mr. Galloway. He attended Rutherford schools from Kindergarten through High School, played basketball, did track and field and played football on the 1945 State Championship Football team. He served in the United States Army from 1946 through 1948. Mr. Galloway is also a member of the Rutherford Historic Preservation Commission, Lions Club, Civil Rights Commission, WWI Commission, and American Legion Post 453. Galloway is also a former Board of Education member and received the Rutherford Recreation Volunteer of the Year Award.

To view the video of this service, click here.

Photo credit: Kim Bogosian

Following the throwing of the wreath at the Union Avenue Bridge, Post officers from American Legion Post 109, American Legion Post 453, VFW Post 227, and Marine Corps League 710 along with members of the Rutherford Police Department, Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and Mayor and Council visited Sunset Park. While gathered at Sunset Park, the Post officers conducted the Wreath Laying Ceremony. During this ceremony, men and women that died while serving their country are remembered for their courage and sacrifice.

John Chrzanwoski, Robert Hansen, Charles Gunn, and William Galloway. Photo Credit: Maria Begg-Roberson

Charles Gunn opened the ceremony and then introduced Mayor Frank Nunziato who spoke about the importance of honoring those that served our country. John Chrzanowski spoke about the importance of paying tribute to those who fought for something greater than themselves. He spoke about the need for all of us to preserve the country many have fought and continue to fight hard to protect.

Photo Credit: Scott Koen

William Galloway was issued a commendation by Mayor Nunziato for his years of service in the United States Army and the many years of service he continues to provide to the Borough of Rutherford. The commendation was read by Robert Hansen. Galloway spoke about his gratitude for the honor. Gunn concluded the service by speaking about the need to remember all of the heroic men and women lost in all of the wars, including WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War, as well as many others. He concluded the service with a prayer in their memory. Alex Bronico then played, “Taps”.

To view the video of this service, click here.

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