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Meadowlands Museum Field Trip

Updated: May 15, 2019

Submitted by Wendy Rossiter

Washington School's second grade classes had the opportunity to learn about local history by visiting the Meadowlands Museum. The students got to explore all the exhibits housed in the farmhouse turned museum.

In the basement, the students saw tools and household equipment from the turn of the 20th century. Included in this exhibit were a refrigerator, spinning wheel, oven, and even a horse elevator! The students were able to compare and contrast life today with life 100 years ago.

The main floor featured locals who made a significant impact in the community. The students were excited to learn about Rutherford’s own doctor and poet, William Carlos Williams.

Heroines featured in a new exhibit were Sarah Kiersted, Tessie McNamara, Cornelia Foster Bradford, and Nellie Morrow Parker. The students learned how each of these females made a difference to the area.

The second floor of the Meadowlands Museum focused on the geology of New Jersey. The students were awed by the display of rocks that are luminescent under a black light. A fossilized dinosaur footprint found in the area was also available for the students to touch and observe.

This field trip allowed the students to make connections to the past. The Meadowlands Museum was a great way for the students to learn about the history of their own community in their own backyard!

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