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Hope Not Hate Rock n Roll

By Jennifer Ersalesi

This upcoming weekend, four local bands comprised of young musicians and singers will be performing at the "Hope Not Hate Rock 'n Roll" concert at the Rutherford Elks Club on Ames Ave. Bist/3 Dollars/, Specter/ Room 108/, Secret Rat Wagon and the Pierrepont Rock band will all play sets on Sunday, March 12th, beginning at 6 pm. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $3 for children. All proceeds will go to Elk's charities.

This is Rutherford spoke with Alex Britez who has been assisting with the Rutherford Rock program, through which many of these young bands got together. His son Julian is a member of the Pierrepont Rock band.

TIR: Can you tell us more about the Pierrepont Rock band that will be performing?

Alex Britez: I've had an amazing experience helping out at our local Rutherford Rock program, an organization started by Eddie Narucki and the Rutherford Arts Committee, where I've had the privilege of meeting some incredibly talented young musicians from Pierrepont, Union, and the High School.

Pierrepont Rock Band

The opening act this Sunday is composed of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from Pierrepont School which include Izzy P. on lead vocals, Lucas L. and Marc S. on guitar, Desmond F. on keyboards, Lily S. on bass, and Julian B. on drums. Watching this young group come together and rehearse at Say Watt, a local studio in town, has been a highlight of my month. So, if you want to enjoy some awesome music and support these young musicians, make sure to check them out! If we are lucky, they might even all agree on a band name in time for the event (laughs).

This is Rutherford also interviewed Eddie Narucki who started the Rutherford Rocks organization, as mentioned above.

TIR: The name of this show is called Hope Not Hate Rock ’n Roll….where did the idea for the name come from?

Eddie Narucki: Rutherford is home to many volunteer-based organizations which, like the Elks, make it their mission to help others, supporting just causes, and improving many lives. From the Fire Department, the Civil Rights Commission, the many religious organizations, parent organizations, to the continued and renewed support for the arts; Rutherford is full of hope. Clearly, hate has no home here. The "Rock and Roll Rodeo" name was something my son Joaquin and I thought sounded fun.

TIR: Can you tell us more about the bands (Bist/3 dollars, Specter/room 108, and Secret Rat Wagon) that will be performing?

EN: Sure!


A power trio, twinging addictive Latin loungers. They are a Hudson-Bergen County hybrid that has been creating music for 6 months.

3 Dollars: A Hoboken/Jersey City band, rocking electrifying emo energy. @3dollarband Specter: Westfield-Rutherford super crispy punk force. @spectertheband Room 108: North Bergen based smooth and vibrant shoegaze post-punk. @_room.108 Secret Rat Wagon An all Rutherford classico with a pinch of indie. This is their debut performance. @secretratwagon

TIR: How do you hope this event will draw the community together?

EN: The Borough of Rutherford is sought after because it centers around its youth. Many people move here because it is a place where kids can thrive.

In supporting our youth, we affirm our values as a community and as people. With this event we want to praise, commend, and showcase kids who are practicing in their basements for hours to create incredible sounds. They connect in an organic process that fosters meaningful socialization, skills, and mutually supportive creativity.

Julian Britez

This is Rutherford also spoke with nine year old Julian Britez, member of the Pierrepont Rock Band.

TIR: Which instrument do you play?

Julian Britez: I play the drums. I've been playing them for about three years, but I started really young playing my dads congas when I was two.

TIR: You have become an amazing drummer. Tell us about your band.

JB: I will be playing with the Pierrepont Rock Band at the Elks, but also play with Rutherford Rock and started another band named Ghost Notes with some friends. We will be performing soon. TIR: How are you feeling about your upcoming show at the Rutherford Elks Club (Hope Not Hate Rock ’n Roll)?

JB: I am excited. I like performing, it's a lot of fun.

TIR: What do you love about playing music and being in a band?

PC: I think it is a lot of fun to play music with my friends.

Joaquin Narucki

This is Rutherford spoke with Joaquin Narucki, Eddie's seventeen-year old son who is a member of all three of the bands performing.

TIR: Which instrument do you play?

Joaquin Narucki: I play the drums

TIR: How are you feeling about your upcoming performance at the Rutherford Elks Club this weekend?

JN: I'm feeling great about the show, hoping for a good crowd, and some great music.

TIR: What do you love about playing music and being in a band?

JN: I love playing music and being in a band because music can empower people and fill them with emotion; and if I'm making other people feel that way, that makes me feel good.

Paul Clossey and his sister Sophia

This is Rutherford interviewed RHS Senior, Paul Clossey, member of the band, Secret Rat Wagon.

TIR: When did your band form?

Paul Clossey: Our band began to form in November 2022, but we did not fill our roster nor create a band name until January 2023. Our band consists of myself on rhythm guitar, Vinny DeNunzio on lead guitar, Faith Santana on Bass Guitar, Eddie Chumura on vocals, and Joaquin Narucki on drums.

TIR: Which instrument do you play?

PC: I play mainly rhythm guitar in our band, Secret Rat Wagon. Though I play guitar in this band, I also play drums for the band "Classifyde", another local rock band from Rutherford that has been in the Jersey Rock Scene for the past 4 years. I am also a classically trained pianist of 12 years.

TIR: Why are you excited to perform at the Elks Club this upcoming weekend?

PC: I'm very excited to play at the Elks Club this weekend because it will be my first time playing a gig on the guitar, as well as being in a band with five members. Though our set is all covers, the band and I are ecstatic to share our talents and have some fun this weekend.

TIR: What do you love most about playing music?

PC: Playing music for me is the purest way of expressing myself and my emotions in a way other than speaking the English language. Music is such a creative tool that I use to bond with those around me, and I will have it for the rest of my life. Playing a wide range of instruments also allows me to express myself not only to my fellow guitar players but piano and percussive players alike.

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