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Event Recap: Volunteer of the Year Award-Jeff Jordan

On Friday, April 12th the Recreation Department named their Volunteer of the Year at a dinner held at Meadowlands Racetrack. This year’s Volunteer of the Year is Jeff Jordan.

Jeff Jordan moved to Rutherford in 2012 with his wife Sally and their three sons: Calvin, Graham, and Henry. Born and raised in Michigan, Jeff was excited to move to a town where community is valued.

As a new Rutherfordian, Jeff couldn’t wait to find ways to be involved in the community. He began by coaching his boys’ soccer, lacrosse and basketball team. As a coach, Jeff is kind and patient. He strives to stress sportsmanship and teamwork.

Mark Goldsack, Eddie Narucki, Mr. and Mrs. Librera, Sally Librera, Jeff Jordan, Tommy Mullahey, and Stephanie McGowan

As an accomplished licensed architect who runs an award-winning architecture office in Jersey City, Jeff has found yet another way to give back to the community in which he lives. HIs wife Sally Librera explained, “He also volunteers as an architect in town, serving on the Rutherford Streetscape Committee where he helps the committee make strong design decisions and craft changes to guidelines to ensure they meet today's standards. Jeff also volunteers his architectural services for the Rutherford Public Library.”

2017 Downhill Derby Committee: Paul Allhouse, Jeff Shahari, Alex Britez, Carolyn Smith, Ginny Coleman, Jeff Jordan, Hament Patel, Mark O'Connor, Dennis Mazone, Rick Iguanti and Chris Conti

The Rutherford Downhill Derby is an example of something that Jeff has brought to Rutherford to enable families and children to enjoy an activity which combines creative and engineering efforts. Race day is such a special day for Jeff and the community.

“When he isn’t working, coaching or volunteering in town, Jeff enjoys skiing, sailing, reading, building things, drinking good beer, spending time outdoors and watching Michigan Football. Most of all, Jeff loves being around friends and family. He has endless energy and passion for community, and often brags to others about how lucky he is to live in a place as special as Rutherford,” Sally told those attending the Volunteer of the Year Awards Dinner.

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18. Juli 2020

We are suing Jeff Jordan for defects and negligence. We live in a house that is literally falling apart all around us since we moved in 2018. He was our architect and construction admin and we have structure defects, HVAC, plumbing defects, sinking and buckling wood floors, shattered cement floors, everything Jeff and his contractor touched needed to be repaired or replaced. This was all under Jeff’s professional construction administration. He allowed our life savings to be squandered and contributed to years of stress and anxiety robbing us of any peace of mind or joy while we live in his defects. For pictures and videos go to Instagram @thehousethatjackbroke and you can see just a little if what it’s like…

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