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Event Recap: The Walk Together Against Domestic Violence

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Kimberly and Atticus Johnston of Family Court GPS, Kristin and Dan Meredith

On Saturday, October 19th, the Dan Meredith Allstate Agency presented a $20,000 Grant from the Allstate Foundation to the Center for Hope and Safety at The Walk Together Against Domestic Violence at Van Saun County Park. This Walk is an annual event held every October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Over the past four years, the Dan Meredith Agency has presented grants to the Center for Hope and Safety’s Walk Together Against Domestic Violence. The first year a $1000 grant was given, the second year $8000, third year $20,000 and the fourth year a $20,000 grant.

This year the Allstate Dan Meredith Agency Team "raised over $1800 in funds for the Walk, in addition to the $20,000 grant. Dan Meredith told TIR, “We would like to thank the many local businesses that helped us raise money for the Walk Together Against Domestic Violence, including BCB Bank of Rutherford, Family Court GPS, ERA Justin Realty, Sistar Mortgage of Rutherford, the Meadowlands YMCA, Raising the Bar Rehabilitation, and Touchstone Crystals By Swarovski.”

Dan Meredith, Juan Tejada, Norberto Maldonado, and Jeff Cheng

In addition to the many businesses that supported this cause, there were many individuals who stepped up to help the Dan Meredith Team Walk Together Against Domestic Violence: Kristin Aguiler, Rey Aparicio, Jeff Cheng, Susan Condrin, Jennifer Darby Metzger, Zoe Fechner, Chis Ford, Beatrice Goldberg, Len Goldberg, Paul Griffo, Rachel Isaacs, Kimberly Johnston, Atticus Johnston, Norberto Maldonado, Jessica Maldonado, Kristin Meredith, Dan Meredith, Daniel Meredith, Patti Messina, Pete Miragliotta, Jackie Miragliotta, Fran Nunziato, Perri Nunziato, Tom Richard, Eleanor Richard, Arnold Ritzler, Irene Sadecki, Matthew Sadecki, Mazzion Schnackenberg, Stephen Smith, Juan Tejada, Rosann Bialek, Mike Trabucco, James Chiappone, and Margaret Yuan.

Kristin, Daniel, and Dan Meredith

“Since October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month we wanted to do something to draw attention to this important issue and let people know that there are local resources available for them,” said Jean Kirch, Director of Development, Center for Hope and Safety (CHS). “Four years ago we decided to do a walk in Van Saun Park, Paramus, to raise awareness about DV as well as funds for our clients. When Dan Meredith of the Dan Meredith Allstate Agency, in Rutherford, heard about this he wanted to be involved since Allstate’s focus is on domestic violence. Dan has gone above and beyond in helping CHS. He has been instrumental in the Allstate Foundation giving CHS a grant of $20,000 for the past two years. His agency has raised funds and participated in our walk for the past four years. They also support our Evening of Hope and Annual Golf Classic events and their office does an annual clothing drive. We are extremely grateful for all he has done for our clients.”

“The Center for Hope and Safety’s Walk Together Against Domestic Violence galvanizes community support to raise awareness about domestic violence, continuing to pull it out of its shadow, and to stomp it out. Strong community partners, like Allstate Foundation and the Dan Meredith Allstate Agency, make our Walk an amazing success. Their generosity and hard work in making this special event shine is deeply appreciated,” explained Julie Myner, Ph. D, Executive Director of the Center for Hope and Safety.

Representing ERA Realty: Jennifer Darby Metzger and Mazzion Schackenberg

Below is an excerpt of the speech that Dan Meredith gave at the Walk on Saturday, October 19th:

I would like to thank the Center for Hope and Safety for the never-ending, extraordinary work they do, day in and day out, for individual victims and entire families affected by domestic violence. When a family needs to get out it so often happens in an unexpected instant. They leave with just the clothes on their backs. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, the Center for Hope and Safety is there to welcome these families, cloth these families, feed these families and send them on their way to a self-sustainable, better life.

After hearing some of the stories of local survivors who have come through the Center for Hope and Safety. I’ve learned how it must feel to not know what will happen next and to live in fear of your own loved ones and home. To be controlled and robbed of the experience of a loving home or a safe home. This is no way to live and I feel the right thing to do is to tell others about this unpopular topic that is so often hidden or uncomfortable to talk about. We need to change this so these people can be heard!

The Allstate Foundation gives our agency the tools we need to offer help, to educate and empower victims to “get out and stay out.” 1 out of 4 Women in this country are affected by Domestic Violence. 99% of these cases include Financial Abuse. “Control over the money is control over the way out”.

The Allstate Purple Purse is the symbol of a Woman’s Domain and Financial Empowerment. The Center for Hope and Safety has proven to be a “pathway through crisis that leads to a gateway out”.

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