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Event Recap: 4th of July Baby Parade

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photos by Erin Petrosino and Jennifer Ersalesi

Nina Rangel and Julia Bogosian waiting for the Parade to begin

On July 4th, families gathered at Lincoln Park for Rutherford Recreation's Annual 4th of July Baby Parade, which was sponsored by Lightbridge Academy.

Children under the age of five were invited to enter the contest. All of the children were dressed to represent some patriotic theme.

Various members of the community judged the entries and determined the 1st through 6th place prize winners and the Grand Prize winner.

Councilman Mark Goldsack introduced the event with a tribute to late Recreation Director, Barbara Bennett, who passed away in May. Barbara always loved this event and she was greatly missed. Goldsack reminded attendees to honor Barbara's memory by paying it forward with kindness.

4th of July Baby Parade winners, along with Mayor Joseph DeSalvo, Sergeant Julie Ziegler, and Councilman Mark Goldsack

Mayor DeSalvo with Grand Prize Winner: Rosie the Riveter

1st Place: Hippy Babies

2nd Place: Bald Eagle Baby

3rd Place: Barn Baby Cow

4th Place: Farmer's Market

5th Place: Rocky and Adrienne

6th Place: Statue of Liberty Baby

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