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Emergency Lockbox Program Offered by the Rutherford Police Department

Submitted by Sgt. Julie Zeigler

This program is offered by the Rutherford Police Department under the direction of Chief John R. Russo as a courtesy to the residents of the Borough of Rutherford who are senior citizens or have a chronic medical condition.

The program allows residents to provide our agency a key to gain access to their home to be used after being summoned there for emergency purposes only. In the event of a time sensitive situation such as life-threatening situations, emergency personnel may not have the time to wait for a family member to arrive to gain entry and having a key for entry will allow us faster access to you or your loved one.

There may be a rare occasion that will need to gain entry with the fastest means possible and your key will not be used. We will make every effort to utilize the key you voluntarily provide to us. Our agency having your key has often been cited as a great accessory to work alongside personal emergency response systems such as medical alert systems. In most circumstances it allows us to bypass having to cause damage to your doors during what would have been a forced entry situation. You can then be transported for the medical treatment you need without having to worry about a broken door, door frame and any security risk.

Participation is in the program is purely voluntary. The key will remain inside of the Rutherford Police Department with the exception of use and then immediately returned. If the locks on the home are changed or ownership of the house changes, please contact the Rutherford Police Department at 201-939-6000 to replace the key or have us discard it.

Should you have any questions, please contact Sergeant Julie Ann Zeigler at 201-460-3054 or

What we require when you join this free program:

Full Name of Resident


Home Phone, Cell phone

Reason of application

Emergency Contacts – Full Name, Address and all phone numbers

Other relevant information – Pets, Alarm, Medical Issues, Hospital Preference, etc.

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