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Civil Rights Commission Announces Winners

by Jennifer Ersalesi

Each year, the Civil Rights Commission sponsors essay and poster contests. This year they received a record number of submissions: 70 essays and 200 posters.

The topic for the poster contest was, "Imagine you are running for government office. Design a poster that would be your campaign sign. Include a slogan and why people should vote for you."

The topic for the essay contest was, "People say that our nation is at its most divided since the Civil War. Explain whether or not you agree with this sentiment, and, if so, why you think this rift is happening and what can be done to heal it and restore unity."

Although it was a challenging process to determine the winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were chosen for both contests by members of the Civil Rights Commission.

The winners of the poster contest were:

1st: Miles McKeever

2nd: Dean McAllister/RJ Cusick

3rd: Ayush Shah

The winners of the essay contest were:

1st: Nyabwija Kanefu

2nd: Bishoy Mittias

3rd: Kaitlyn Sullivan / Tierra Sherlock

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