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January 1st Meeting Highlights - Borough of Rutherford Mayor & Council

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

By Bonnie Corcoran

• Councilman Nunziato and Councilwoman Begg-Roberson were sworn in making our 2019 Council an all Democrat Council with a Republican Mayor.

• The current President of the Council is once again Dr. Stephanie McGowan.

The Council Committee & Liaison Assignments are as follows:

- Councilwoman McGowan: Primary Liaison is Fire and the Secondary is Finance.

Her committees are:

  • Access for All, Ambulance Corps, 55 Kip Center, Local Emergency Planning, NJ Sports & Exposition Authority and Stigma Free

- Councilman Nunziato: Primary Liaison is Police and the Secondary is Recreation & Human Resources.

His committees are:

  • Auxiliary Police/Crossing Guards, Board of Health, Municipal Court, Office of Emergency Management, Pedestrian Safety and Planning Board.

- Councilman Goldsack: Primary Liaison is Finance and the Secondary is Department of Public Works.

His committees are:

  • Citizen Finance, Community Events/Public Information, Local Assistance Board, Streetscape Committee and Volunteer/Community Quality of Life

- Councilman Mullahey: Primary is Recreation & Human Resources and Secondary is Police.

His committees are:

  • Board of Education, Felician University, Green Acres, Municipal Alliance, Recreation Advisory and Williams Center Advisory Committee.

- Councilman Narucki: Primary is Department of Public Works and Secondary is Buildings, Grounds and Public Utilities.

His committees are:

  • Civil Rights Commission, Environmental & Recycling, Historic Preservation and Shade Tree Commission.

- Councilwoman Begg-Roberson: Primary is Buildings & Grounds and Secondary is Fire.

Her committees are:

  • Board of Adjustment, Green Team, Nereid Boat Club, Passaic River Coalition and Technology Upgrade Committee.

Here’s a link to the Mayor & Council’s contact information:

Last December the Mayor and Council voted to change the meeting day and time to the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month (with exceptions to July & August) with the start time of 6pm.

This year’s meeting dates are as follow (All meetings are held at Borough Hall, 176 Park Avenue, second floor Council Chambers):

  • January 1st, 14th, 28th

  • February 11th & 25th

  • March 11th & 25th

  • April 8th & 22nd

  • May 13th & 28th

  • June 10th & 24th

  • July 15th

  • August 12th

  • September 9th & 23rd

  • October 15th & 28th

  • November 12th & 25th

  • December 9th & 23rd

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