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Annual Rutherford Community Blood Bank Spring Blood Drive

Updated: Mar 28

Press Release from the Rutherford Community Blood Bank

For 20 years, Kathleen Mathieu, served with passion and professionalism as a Director with the Rutherford Community Blood Bank (RCBB), holding various officer roles, including that of Chairperson, from 2018 – 2021. A fellow RCBB Director and friend, Peggy Letsche said, “Kathleen was a professional and perfectionist and worked hard to ensure that blood donors had a comfortable experience.” 


Kathleen also brought a knack for public relations to the RCBB, using her excellent writing and marketing skills from her professional career, where she began as a reporter for the South Bergenite, worked in public relations for The General Hospital Center at Passaic and others, before starting her own business, The Red Wagon Group. 


Kathleen passed away last April, just six days after the RCBB’s annual spring drive, dedicated in memory of Ida Borrato. Even as she was facing health problems, Kathleen continued to give the upcoming blood drive her full attention. Kathleen and her many contributions to the Rutherford Community Blood Bank are deeply missed. The RCBB will honor her memory at their blood drive on Monday, April 8th, at 55 Kip Center, 55 Kip Avenue, Rutherford, from 1 to 7 PM. 


Before the RCBB, Kathleen, a resident of Rutherford for over four decades, volunteered with the Friends of the Rutherford Public Library and the Meadowlands Museum. Her daughter, Emily Joy said, “All her volunteering was focused on the local community. She enjoyed volunteering in a way that would impact the people and places she encountered in her everyday life. She liked teaming up with people that she would see around town. It made it more fun!” 


“Kathleen was inspired to be a part of a team that was committed to doing good and promoting health and wellness and we want to celebrate our work with her by dedicating our next blood drive in her memory,” said Carol Hsu, RCBB, Interim Chair. “We are grateful for all she did to encourage and facilitate blood donations.”


Donate Blood in Memory of Kathleen Mathieu


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